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This is pretty cool. I like it.

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I did an ad something like this before, but for a different product. The client did not like the idea because it doesn't create that big noise or the impact. At first I disagreed, but after seeing the idea for a while, I realized the problem, minimal call to action. In the end, I agreed with him. In my opinion, the idea is there but as an ad, it doesn't work. I have seen better milk ads that created "WHOA" effects. Another problem is the approach on the milk product...its not a benefit

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Is that really a benefit?. Is that the best way of transmiting an atribute?. Is there any client in our world that can actually aproove something like that?. I mean, the photo is very cool and everything but you tend to ride a lot around the ad looking for something that can fit in "what milk does for you" scheme that you can easily get lost in it.
It's a good ad but i'll be surprised if that ad ever got published.

Good ad, good photo, good try, bad strategy, worst concept.

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Communicating sth. healthy with death symbolic does not work in this case for me, perhaps because it is done with a photography and not an illustration?
I liked for example the ad with the prehistoric men and the claim "survival of the fittest"..

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Yes, this ad is nice. Unfortunately it is something for award shows since food ads should definitely be more "tasty". This, as Guest stated, reflects death. Cool idea, good art direction but my guess is that the target group of milk (mothers mostly) will rather go for the casual happy cow that lives so free and without a worry on some green fictionous field in dreamland dancing and mooing to classical music.

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Mtl Dave
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Well, it makes your bones stronger... but it's a bit freaky.

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The purpose of an ad is not only to express the manner of the brand or products, but also find a good way to let the customers accept that.

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Cool but I don't know what is the brand of the milk I'm supposed to buy here.

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No fixed abode
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I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. It looks like a scam as I can't see any milk company buying this either. It won't threaten any award shows, but a nice one for your book I suppose.

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Thumbs down for this one!
It definitely is the most freaky way to show strong bones... Yes the visual does tell a story but it should've been a better story. Guy got caught in the claw trap and tried to free himself .. just isn't interesting enough. On 2nd thoughts this ad has a take out from SAW (the movie) possibly. Take it easy guys.. grat ads usually very simple.
But this ad fails to do that.

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so cool

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is says the benefit but I'm sure brand character and tone of communication in the brand book of this milk product are not defined this way.

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i think the guy who did this ad was inspired by the movie "SAW". nice art direction

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Good one guys. I'm not gonna compliment you further, you've done a good job and you know it.
I have something more important to say to all the freaks who commented on your ad and had nothing good to say.
I can picture them smiling while wearing their critic hats wondering what hole to pick, as if trashing the ad is the only way that makes them feel smart. Well, they're not.
Who said food advertising has to look "foody"? who said only positive spins on the product's benefit can make a good ad?
Who said you must show beautiful things and happy endings only? wake up guys, this is advertising, THERE ARE NO RULES.
Words like “strategy” “benefit” “attribute” and even “transmiting???” appeared in the most cliché context you could ever read in the book of "advertising bullshit".
Come on guys, do you really think that consumers are going to see this ad, and reject the product because they don't want their strong bones to get them killed? how stupid is that!
This is an ad that will cut through the clutter in a category made boring and predictable because of conventional minds like yours.

-for the love of good advertising-

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Yes, I agree. We have to break through the clutter. We have to develope unconventional ideas to bring brands forward. And we may find the idea great as well as the way it has been done but the problem is not that the category is boring and predictable. It is the consumer insight that tells us how progressive we can get. This might be great when it is being sold to a young target group but honestly, do you believe that mothers will buy this? If so, great! I'm all for it. But I have my doubts. But who knows, will bloody well hope that you're right! Would make everything so much more interesting.

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Arthur davies

I love this ad!
Simplicity in it self.
every picture tells a story and this one is no exception.
Thanks to modern technology and lactating cows one's bones are greatly strengthened.
But if we look a little deeper into this image what else does it tell us?
why was he in the woods with a saw?
Was he simple/retarded in some way? why would you purposely step on a bear trap?
or was he pushed?
maybe someone else faked the whole terrible accident and their sick mind decided to put a saw in his decaying hand?
I remember a photo shoot I was a part of in 1984.
My self and the crew were walking on foot through part of the northern Amozon Jungle towards Florionopolis. As I hacked the lead trail through some thick undergrowth I happened to see the remains of a human body lying under a tree. The man had obviously died in his sleep or due to illness, but his bones were scattered quite randomly around the base of the tree. Sometimes nature takes on the form of a cruel beast. While his body lay decaying, other jungle animals such as capivara's would pull on the flesh and thus disfiguring his pose. The guide told us that it was common for Capivara's to even attack younger children in certain villages.
For this reason and this reason alone I will not be entering this ad due to unrealistic natural decay formations.

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Producer Turned...

In true Joey style OH MY GOD!

Who is the Producer on this? They have done a fantastic job! The whole idea and art direction is something that I would do here as a producer at Egnim Advertising, little use of designers as possible which is good too. This is a clear BANG ON BRAND advert with no interference form people being artistic, oh and I think Wayne wishes he was me as he never was never Web 2.0!

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first of all this kind of joke has been made for eastpak, years ago - back then it was original and thrilling. the message of the eastpak skeleton was clear and had a morbid feel to it.
the twist of this ad is too forced - i even don't like the way the product is presented, looks amateurish.

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MADE in the USA
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You know it’s funny the message is right there and it’s strong and humorous however there is a strange disconnect as well. I believe the over all complexion of the ad could be changed by brightening the surrounding landscape, too much ‘dead leaf’ gray and dirt brown.
If the shot were staged for autumn it would allow for several bright leaves of different colors. covering the secondary area’s Ect.
Lets not get too excited it’s not bad but not great and needs some work in staging.
mit-u )


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Drunk Dave

Please, please, tell me where you're from or some of the work you've submitted. I'm quite interested to see your art directional skills. By the by I'm a writer, and colour has a u. Kidding. Seriously, which ads are yours? I need to know from whence the criticism comes so I can judge the comments fairly. Luv Dave.

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So, if I were a customer, I wouldn't be allowed to not like it or even worst, If I don't buy ideas like this, than I should be punished...NIGGA PLEASE!!!....attitudes like yours are the ones that have sinked creativity in the hole it is now...remarks like yours have entitled clients allover the world to think that us creatives are nothing but a bunch of crazy pot smoking loose kites not strategic selfish bastards...GROW UP, MAN. If you can't take criticism, you're in the wrong line of business (oh, still think this is an art and not a business). And yes...I'm a Creative Director, I have over 30 awards, and can't see my work untill you show some respect for people's right to critic.

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Very true statement, thanks.

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To whom is this addressed? Is it who I think it is?

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As You can see from the hierarchy it's about Pab's comment.

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pab's right

He doesn't have to prove anything to dave. why should he. If want to say whatever he wants that's his right... even if he's wrong. I reckon he's got loads of awards and Pab is his real name. And like Symbol, he doesn't have a surname. Good on you Pab. Love your work. I 'm sure I've seen it somewhere. This Dave guy is just doing awards ads, which is wrong and evil, and consumers will never se his work and he knows that. It makes me sick.

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This is another one that creates ads for amusing himself instead of help building brands and sell shit...WE MAKE PEOPLE NEED SHIT THEY DIDN'T NEED BEFORE AND MANY OF US DON'T SEE THAT ADVANTAGE... Clients don't have to buy shit from me just because my name is Trevor Beatie or because I'm Brazilian...clients need to trust their business to a bunch of guys he wouldn't trust his daughter with.

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Arthur davies

Hello Pab,
I thought I would just leave a comment to let you know that I would Leave my Daughter with Trevor Beatie.
I remember I once gave a lecture at St Martin's college to a group of wide eyed young wanna-be creative students. There sat in the corner was a short, plump looking Brian May.
Throughout the whole lecture he sat there silent, just absorbing my words like a creative sponge, his eyes fixated on my dry lips. ( I remember it was november and my lip-gloss had been mis-placed on my taxi ride to the college)
Years later I was to discover that same chubby socially inept teenager with a tight perm was to become the advertising Herculies of the Greek Oylmpics that is the avertising industry.
Now he sits proud at the top of his throne with numerous golf leaf couches surrounding his open-toed feet.
If your daughter was to enter his castle, she would be in very safe hands.
I for one would allow my daughter to enter the davie-bowie-like laberynth building to meet the prince... that's if I could contact my daugther. She's either in Tailand or NY, she never bloody calls anymore. "the mother" makes sure of that.

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Dear Mr. Davies
I beg you be less comercial when you try to imply that us creatives are safe hands to leave anyone's daughter in. I know that, but you also have to say that you know exactly what I meant by that remark because you are on this side, you are not a client. How many times you thought you could make a great campaign fly, how many times sou said to your self "Wow, this campaign sells by itself, I don't need to explain it" and when you presented it the client said something like: "I don't thing we are prepared to go out with this. I sell milk not ideas, I sell telephones not fashion. I need a call to action big and I need the logo to be big as well (for example).
Us creatives see a whole diferent world when we first start in this business. We where youg, dumb and full of cum and we pretended a cannes lion in every piece of ad we put our hands on (cried on every bounced campaign). Later we realize that there are a lot of tools we need to begin to use in order to achieve next levels...creativity is all about levels as much as trends, tastes, fashion, is the only business perceived as art but that is not to be taken so deep in our guts because otherwise we will miss all the heavenly glory that lies in the brand building process.

Glad and honoured to be addressed by you.

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Great photographic execution....but I think this ad doesn´t work for the product, because you can´t mix food with rotten corps and expect appetite appeal (that´s why food and beverages exist in first place) .

I get the message.

Good thinking level know this business from the core.

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...and for stronger ads

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Hahahaha!!! I love this ad! Is Good!! Great photography! the art direct is incredible, bless u Grey! What???? Art director name Little bastard???? LOL!