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Sorry, but if i think of animals in captivity i don't think of mouses.

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because it reminds you of 'mice', hey?

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There are also mouses used for experiment.
I like these ads: for a once not showing animals in tears.
The appeal reminds me Hogan's Heroes (Tv serie), don't know why.

"I could have killed 'em all, I could kill you. In town you're the law, out here it's me. Don't push it. Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe."

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I like too this ad: it's as great as simple

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i don't know. the idea of animals planning their escape could have been much better than.. well, showing esape plans with animals drawn on them. i'm disappointed

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The type of pets might not have been the right choice, but you get the point. And it's not scaring you in to product. A light hearted way to think of the animals. Dig 'em.

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I believe the plural of 'mouse' is 'mice'.

I think this campaign is rather simple and cute yet effective.

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Please this is complete rubbish, it looks like a 5 year old's school project, no insight, completely unbelievable, I mean how the hell did these animals write these crap escape plans? How did they end up on table tops and not hidden away in bowls or cages. Why is the plan so big in comparison to the animals? If they could write in english why don't they just write a letter to their owners telling them of their plight?'s picture
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Wow, dude you have no imagination. This ad appeals to people's imagination and sense of humour. It uses an emotional appeal in its message, using humour is a better and more effective mode of communication as opposed to shock appeal. Would you rather they show actual images of animals in captivity, looking horribly malnourished and sick?

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No I wouldn't, because majority of the animals kept in people's homes as pets aren't malnourished and sick are they? And the proposition here isn't about owners abusing their pets it's only about animals being kept as pets in cages and bowls. and I'm sure a lot of people would argue goldfish love living in aquariums. Have you never had a pet, dude?

Look even if there was merit in this idea at least take sometime in thinking about the executions. The old photo of a piece of paper... please. I would rather they show me images of actual animals in captivity trying to escape.

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Why does it have to be so intricate? It's obviously not done to scale nor would an actual mouse draw but as said in a previous comment, it plays on imagination and ones emotions.

And obviously not everyone agrees that pets are being abused when they are kept in cages or in captivity. But it triggers some thought into maybe the animal likes freedom just as much as we do.

By the way, how many goldfish do you know that have survived a long period of time in a fish bowl? A small percentage I'm sure.

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Word, word!

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This is a really fun illustration style....and actually fits very well into a project I'm working on. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations on illustrators who are good at this simple look? Preferably someone in the US.