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nice job, ivan. love seeing these on the same page with the AC ads.

exact same, all 3...are there any original ideas out there??

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Oh my there really arent any original ideas! Its hilarious to see these on the same page, exactly the same execution.

i agree with whitespace, these are working much better than the AC. Im not such a big fan of the ice cream though...

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Idea isn't anything new, I'm afraid...

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Tero Ylitalo
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Thanks Ivan for opening people's eyes! ;) Seriously, this is fairly sad. I understand that people copy ideas, edit them, twist them, simplifies them. I even understand if you copy-paste ONE idea straight forward. But this isn't right - whole campaign copied is so unethical (can't believe me saying this) and most, boring, and a good example of total lack of creative mind.

"Creativity does not equal sales"

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So the thng is ... to which campaign shall we be applausing?
This one and the aircon one seems EXACTLY RIP OFFS to me ... i wont be surprised if botth campaigns were stolen from another campaign!

What a joke!

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where is the originality?????
well, as what i red in Instant Advertising, the author says its not important..... he would prefer to be rich unoriginal ratehr than broke original....

Peace ^__^

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MADE in the USA
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VISITOR: It is unfortunate to the world that Racist pieces of shit who lack an education and suffer deeply from ignorance are allowed to open their mouths and pollute the air decent people breath with an insufferable diatribe of false superiority caused be a lack of intelligence and stupidity. I would tell a person like that to shut their f**k’n mouth and take that bu**sh*t somewhere else.
wouldn’t you agree?

“Borrowing “ ideas that others have created is done all across the industry. It matters not what part of the world one comes from; it is an unfortunate reality. Because there are people who work in this industry a lot like are friend Visitor who are incapable of performing at a superior level. So they take from what exists. How do I know this about Visitor without actually knowing who he is? You see a lack of personal growth equals a lack of professional growth. There are no exceptions; this is a fact.

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wow, Made is USA ... please, take it easy bud! :)

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Tero Ylitalo
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The level of this conversation makes me wonder whether our beloved 'guests / visitors' are from the ad-world, or whether they are here just to irritate people. However, if we think this more rationally there is a point missing. Let's say (a very hypothetic assumption) that most of the copy-paste advertising is mostly created by 'decent hard working americans' (DHWA) and people from India are taking the easy way and copying them.

Now, who's losing here? No one. The DHWA gets his client happy, so does the indian since these are not big international campaigns. The DHWA does NOT lose anything in this deal, actually he gets anonymous credit by someone on the other side of the planet. Credit in the sense that his / her idea is so great that someone bothers to copy it.

There are no losers in a sense that the DHWA tries to argue. No money will be lost. Pride only, if one's view of the world is too limited.

Greetings from Finland.

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I personally think that anonymous comments should be turned off because they are such turn-offs.

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Just dunno who's ORIGINAL!!