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I dunno - it's a nice idea, but these Wonderbra ads are getting too easy. "Let's find a new way to show big-breasted women!" I think they may have to start shifting their focus a little...

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poor guy missing the fun. nice :)

- kk

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no bad

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young one
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an accident waiting to happen!!

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best wonderbra one i've seen of the recent posts, nicer if the bike was in motion. maybe she should be at the front incase there's an accident ;)

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Activity Score 1894

I dunno - it's a nice idea, but these Wonderbra ads are getting too easy. "Let's find a new way to show big-breasted women!" I think they may have to start shifting their focus a little...

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I think that's what this does to be honest. You actually don't see a big breasted woman, you have to imagine it.

That for me makes it really clever, they are selling bras after all. You can't show a picture of a fish in a flat cap smoking a pipe can you?

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I'm not arguing that the ad is bad. My point is that this is roughly the 200th execution I've seen under this campaign, and what looks innovative by itself - like this ad - is now just another rehash of the same old stuff. It's become a question on "how can we show big boobs without showing big boobs?" and it's getting kind of tired.

If I'd seen this ad all by itself, though, I admit I'd have liked it.

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if they are so big the fron wheel should be in the air.

I'm so bored of this fucking WOnderbra Ads.

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Stope those fake wonderbra ads please (too easy btw)!

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it is very expected from a lady to say "no" to such an ad, the ad does it purpose no doubt about it, no offense against your esteemed person, i still like the ad and loughed when i saw it!!

| everartz |

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That's right, it's too easy, but the point is: such clear USP leads to such easy concept and execution. Most of complex ads are those ones that hard to explain clearly.

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Sorry, guys -- I dont get it. I gather the implication is that her breasts are so big that either she or the driver would have to move into some weird position to sit the usual way... but she's clearly your usual skinny model with moderately small breasts (look at the drape of the dress), so it's not working at all.

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Stop pissing acid all over the place seanmartin. Come up with usefull comments, for once

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LOL -- get over yourself, sweetheart. At least I say a heckuva lot more than DONE. And please feel free to check my track to see that, why yes indeed, I do make constructive comments when the piece merits it.

Of course, if you dont like my comments, skim over them. No one's holding a d*mn gun to your head to read them.

And finally, I cant help it if the stuff we're seeing these days is of less than stellar quality. Talk to the people who vet this stuff before it shows up here.

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I agree with you. Everyone's all acting they saw star of Bethlehem or something...but this is just a below average poor ad.

"I have no friends, and don't want any." - Michelangelo

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Wow SeanMartin, you're a real poet. And one heckuvanillustrator too, I checked your website, everyone should do that! Boys and girls, check sean's website and let's all hire him! He's aaaaaaaawesome.

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Hey Mustang... Don`t mind.

Do as the rest of us. We just ignore him.

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Okee you're right, I got carried away. I'll keep my horsemouth shut and join the rest of you, good advice.

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Do you feel all better now?

You cant respond to the points, so you do the next best thing and trash the portfolio. Oh yeah, that's real professional.

Y'know, I dont hide behind a nick. That's my name. I dont claim to be anything special as an illustrator. It's a field that I enjoy, and it pays well in addition to my exhibit design work. I consider myself blessed that some people like my work enough to publish it, and i dont question that luck, given how many people are out there in this field.

But at least I put my name out there. You want to see my work, all you have to do is go to my profile, and there it is, ready for any ol' *sshole to take a swipe at it so he can score a few points in a thread discussion.

I repeat: I put my work out there. I do not hide my name.

You're right. I have no place here amongst such eminent "professionals". Party on, dudes.

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Scam Detector
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If you don't like the ads, skim over them.

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Even I didn't liked the ad Mr Sean Martin.Hey can you please tell me the link, to have a look at your illustrations.I am interested to see them all, at least one.....pls

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Mr. Chicken removed the link and suddenly he's born in 2050. Now who's being pathetic...

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maybe her tits are hanging out? that would be sweet.

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ok so what's the idea, wait... she got huge boobs !!!!, Woah, how unexpected!!!!, what a great piece of advertizing! I've never seen this type of gimick before...
sorry for the sarcasm, but this is getting old. I prefer 10 times the ones by Publicis Conseil (on the same page). And Brenda, i'm a guy and I agree with you.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Falls short of some of the earlier Wonderbra ads.
Even the "fake" one posted earlier in the year was more sophisicated and better executed.

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pft...not even funny.

"Assume nothing, question everything."

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the problem with thisone its that its only saying "omg big b00bz" in a silly way.

the other wonderbra ads (or at least the ones that were great) said "big boobs" trough social impact, not with gimmicks.

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Idea is ok, but nothing more.

Realisation is awful or is it just a layout?

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another wonderbra thinking... they keep growing and growing and growing

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Simply Brilliant.

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Very very bored with Wonderbra ads. A monkey could do a half-decent one. Actually, very bored with visual gags, so this is a double whammy for me. Doesn't anyone write headlines or copy anymore? Bring back Neil French, Bill Bernbach and David Abbott, please.

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Evandro lima
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Is quite difficult this days..have a laught when you see an ad. This one was just fun. I love it!!

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hahahahahaha loved it!

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There is a difference between creating a clever piece of work and slapping a logo on a photo that kind of makes sense.

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booooo. how hard is it to think about things you have to do differently because you have enormous breasts?

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very nice.

who cares if they are way too easy. they are funny. lighten up!

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Not everyone finds it FUNNY.

"Assume nothing, question everything."

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some people find Dane Cook to be funny. But does that mean Dane Cook should be allowed to still be alive? No. No it doesn't.

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Hmmm, not bad.

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Is the target audience men?

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just as durex one

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This is old...

We were shown this ad at Axis Adschool beginning of 2007.

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nice..brilliant... cooooooooollll.....
<<.... Method in Madness ....>>

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Ask any Woman..and she will tell you they hate huge Breasts..So who is WonderBra selling to??..Pam or Sam??

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very very nice. even the thumbnail brings a smile

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Alp Arslan
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very good...

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Prakash Jayasha...
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to se mne libi! ja us neumin poradne cesky ale to je k smichu. Well done. got it fast!