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Activity Score 233

I think the message is weak and visually is too quite.. This campaign hav so much similiarity with what O&M did for Japanese museum or sumthing...

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Activity Score 989

yeah, amazing simalarity.
they were both public service campaigns.

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Activity Score 233

O&M campaigns is so much better and stronger insight compare to this campaigns..

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me thinks
Activity Score 722

Copy is very expressive and emotional. Touches my heart and drives me to donate.

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ming the merciless
Activity Score 190

It's good. I'll bet anything the bile is ineffective in helping these people with their problems.

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Tim Weasle
Activity Score 72

I get some from the Chinese store down the road. Works like a charm.

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Have Heart
Activity Score 922

It's solid, but there have been similar, much better ads.

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Activity Score 160

i love it. c'on tim, stop buying this stuff.

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Dick Huges
Activity Score 937

I would never read this if it were in a magazine. Seems boring, so I wouldn't waste time on it.

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the mighty ham
Activity Score 94

Moonbear is a stupid name.

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Global Cheese
Activity Score 80

duno you read, you puke. not sure on this one.

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Activity Score 12

The name is not stupid at all!! Moon bear is another name of Asian black bear, and there is even a german cartoon .
And this campagn works. See Chinese most famous music festival's poster.

Don't ask me why it takes 4 years. I don't know.