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Sorry today I'm not so clever.

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He rose from his barstool... vertically? Coco can levitate? The perspective is really messed. Plus, who is Coco fighting? It doesn't look like a bar fight at all, since there is nobody else around.

From the thumbnail I thought this was another Alka-Seltzer ad.

Copy does nothing for me. And of course I don't care for the product, since the ad isn't persuading me to care, or even asking. It's one of those "awareness building" things where maybe, if I'm in a skate shop or something, I see a hoodie with this logo on, and the ad is just to convince me it's not some made-up Chinese silkscreener brand. Maybe one day it'll be cool. That day is not today, these ads are boring as hell.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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waste of time

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Alright...these guys're playing it very close to their chests. But their next play better be good...

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