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mmmm... ok!

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is she dead?

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dead people dont pose for pictures miko.

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Curiosity is also the mother of invention.

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Suena racista...y las otras piezas parecen demostrar que trabajaron con el tema de las razas. ¿Colors of Benetton?
De todas maneras no entiendo bien a dónde querían llegar con eso, además de mostrar los muebles y llamativas mujeres con la piel al aire.

Javier Ramírez
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¿Que tiene que ver esto con Benetton? pfffff

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Change it, change it now coz they will tomorrow.

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We like it! Very God art direction.

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As I understand this they will skin the woman and make a couch out of her? Okay but do I have to supply the woman myself or does the couch company take care of that part?

Guest commenter
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A bare arse in a white couch, what a great idea. About as good as the one behind this ad

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