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Mmmmmm, cute girl!! got her telephone?

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dude why dont u coantact the agency, lol :)

nice ad


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Are football players known for fighting?
Forced Disconnect.

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Maybe the line could use some reworking? One may argue that war paint comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors. War tribes apply it in preparation for battle. However, with the horizontal dashes under the eyes, I thought football at first too—as would anyone familiar with the sport. In football though, it is seen as something done for mere intimidation. How do you improve upon the ad, especially when the model is so pleasing to the eyes, but the line leaves some like "what?"

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had exactly the same idea, REJECTED.

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very nice!
soooo simple yet never seen it before

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luv it vinode!!

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I love her look! Great foto!


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tamer samy
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The only thing that bothers me is that she has too much make up, You don't put an anti-aging creme on a face all covered with make up

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Andrea Afeltra
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Simple and great

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Good idea. But the retouching/color work on the girls is not great.

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idea is great .. i agree the face is funny .. respect

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i agree the face most be more natural, without makeup.
But idea is cool, simple and clear.

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fighting and football are two different sports.
Help me out here??

or do some fighters do this?

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yes... as one guy (or gal) earlier mentioned, tribal warriors in the past have long used war paint for intimidation or ceremonial purposes.

football adapted it (sports is the closest thing we have to war... except war itself). just look at the All Blacks team and their dance before the game starts.

i think this ad is appropriate, especially since the area under the eyes is a key area where our dark eye rings/eyebags and age show.

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Sydney based jake
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cleave ad, great model shot too.

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tribal warriors have long since painted their faces to look more intimidating... it's the football folks who have adapted that idea.

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i got the same idea some years ago for nivea.
my ex creative director failed it...

i hope to meet him when i driving!

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excellent! way to go Gulf Marcom!!

| everartz |

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nice chin hair

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Ok, coming from Bahrain, this is not soooo bad.

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I hope that everyone here are joking.
I think it'terrible...
Fight aging = warrior????


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Juan Cabral
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Hot model.

Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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Nothing new. 3/10

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u spelled aging wrong

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excellent work team @ Gulf Marcom


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great!simple and immediate!

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Yuck! Who is the dude who didn't even bother to brush up the skin detail of the model. u can see clearly the fine hairs near her lips and chin. Well... if they didn't bother giving the model 'a facial' before the shoot... thats the least a designer would have done.

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Eye black as it's used in modern sports has nothing to do with tribal war paint or intimidation of any kind. It's used under the pretense that it reduces glare from the sun or stadium lights in a player's eyes due to the fact that light is attracted to the dark strips and away from the eyes themselves.

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What is the name of the model? It's beautiful...

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Is she mad about ageing? Should we tell women ageing is an enemy? You shouldn't fight ageing. Maybe you could protect yourself from the effects it causes by fighting these effects. Women are crazy all around the world because we keep saing that getting older is bad, is terrible. No one says there is happiness in elderly life. So, if you want to sell a product to correct the "imperfections" life causes naturaly, please, do it without calling women stupid, or creating an image that doesn't get even closer to the way they see the world. Women fightins? Girls with boxe gloves or army lotion painting? That's not much feminine. Their idea of women power is totaly incorrect.
And, by the chance: is she old enough to combat ageing? She is nearly a teenager.

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Great idea!

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A 20 year old model fighting anti-ageing. Kill this ad.

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I agree with Temple. This ad makes no sense. And what is the football reference for?