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You are clearly joking.I'm sure you are Mônica Zimmermman. This is the worst thing I have ever seen in the last 2 years. Terrible. Deserves the "worst production" and "no idea" Award.

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boring x3. and wasn't this done for hotwheels or matchbox already?

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Scam Detector
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I think we've seen enough miniature ads by now.

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We have. But that doesn't mean the miniature guys stop advertising.

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Scam Detector
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They never advertised until someone made award winning scam for Matchbox.

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ya done. a huge campaign in fact running for years in the award books for matchbox

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I can't see a link between the different types of bikes and the different surfaces. That might have been an addition to the idea, but then it strucks my mind that it's probably impossible... in real they all ride on the same kind of surface. Would have been different if there were also cross bikes,...

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better give a plus to the people no boring games

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Hey they are "minimotos", "miniature bikes", to "collect", to put it in your living room, thats why the shots had been taken in a home... it would be stupid to put in the street.

Nice idea, well done.

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i agree. good idea.

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uhhh...we get the idea, dummy. The problem is that it's a boring and reused idea.

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andre haram
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