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July 2010

Print advertisment created by Bcube, Italy for Mini, within the category: Automotive.

* Warning: The top half is missing.
That's why you can get it at an incredible price.

Advertising Agency: Bcube, Milano, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Bozza
Creative Director: Alessandro Sabini
Art Directors: Maria Piccinini, Giovanni Greco
Copywriters: Martino Lapini, Enrico Pasquino

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I think the slogan is really creative and attractive, I´m an advertising student and I like to see this kind of ads it´s really inspiring

Charit Tissera's picture
Charit Tissera
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pretty interesting. but not much inspiring!

Matt Tonkin's picture
Matt Tonkin
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Can't say these campaigns really do much for me.

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There's nothing good about these ads. If you're going to do a headline-driven campaign, you have to have good headlines. When every headline starts off with the same word (Warning), you already know you're dealing with a bad writer.

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Convertibles are in general a lot more expensive then their sedan counterparts cause of their bodywork construction. Same with this Mini, so this headline is false.

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The headline is not claiming that the convertible is cheaper than the hard-top. It's just a tongue-in-cheek way of explaining why the mini is affordable. Sheeeesh! Lighten up people.

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Anonymous Author
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*top half missing
would suffice. asterisk allows extraneous words to be omitted.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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That's actually a really good suggestion. That would make it much better.

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'something missing, thus the price is low' sounds like a failed attempt to make it humorous. I don't buy the route chosen in this series. the font choice is bad, too bold, in contrast with the mini's design and personality. The photography is good but suppressed by the layout, not an encouraging art direction.


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I agree with jackmancer... convertibles are always more expensive so the headline is very misleading

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I agree with FourT6and2 - The advert does not say that convertables are cheaper than hard-tops. It simply says that this convertable is affordable! How is that in any way misleading!?

As for the advert, I think they have the idea for a really good campaign, but it just isn't quite executed as well as it could be. 6/10.

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This is a joke. You know, the opposite of serious. Because EVERYONE knows convertibles are always more expensive, that's why it is obvious that this is just a joke. Except for the low price of course.

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i like this

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It is simply another way of things and ideas are to be found...i totally agree with this ad!!
very inspiring!

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i love tis!

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