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September 2012

Print advertisment created by Y&R, Brazil for Mini, within the category: Automotive.


Advertising Agency: Y&R, São Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Director: Rui Branquinho
Creative Directors: Rui Branquinho, Flavio Casarotti, Wilson Mateos
Copywriter: Roberto Kilciauskas
Art Directors: Kleyton Mourão, Cleber Almeida
Planner: Clarissa Melo
Client Team Director: Gabriela Alencar
Photographers: Marco Cezar, Getty Images
Illustrator: Marco Cezar
Print Producers: Elaine Carvalho, Rodrigo Cassino
Account managers: Evandro Soares, Vivianne Brafmann
Art-Buyer: Monica Beretta
Me­dia: Elenice Galera

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jackmancer2017's picture
Activity Score 6992

Ehhh, not sure what to think of this. What does this luxurious tent tell me about the car?

matitarrie's picture
Activity Score 24

Siento que me estoy perdiendo de algo. i don´t get it, i think...

adadict's picture
Activity Score 49

I think the idea is that a typical mini owner, is by definition urban and sophisticated, so even in a getaway he/she will never abandoned a sense of style. Even though the tent is just a provisional shelter to camp in the outdoors, it looks like a house from Dwell magazine or any modern architecture magazine.

Barbara O.'s picture
Barbara O.
Activity Score 211

Thanks for that explanation. it did clarify the visual cos I was not quite sure of it at first

Barbara O.

mmackinven's picture
Activity Score 1608


The executions are too similar, could have gone 2 or 3 different ways with this idea.

advertising ninja's picture
advertising ninja
Activity Score 616

nice idea, wrong client.

ItMatters's picture
Activity Score 2167

I do like it.

walter.s's picture
Activity Score 30

interesting. I like it.

lezy's picture
Activity Score 377

liked it.

Spanky's picture
Activity Score 4899

Something tells me this team had an idea for Land Rover they couldn't sell. So they recycled it for Mini. Because this would work for Land Rover. Not even close for Mini Cooper. The Countryman can't handle much more than a dirt road. No way it's driving in and out of this.

Subesh Bajracharya's picture
Subesh Bajracharya
Activity Score 4

can plz any one tell me about the idea i dont get the meaning of this concept

vote4pedro's picture
Activity Score 4601

I think what they're trying to say is that the Countryman is a nicer way to get out in nature. It doesn't work for me because the Countryman isn't a capable SUV. There's no way it could reach the places in these ads. And it's not very nice. The interior isn't particularly luxurious.

Another possible interpretation is that it has more room inside. you would expect it to be cramped like a tent, but it feels like a house. If that's what they intended, you have to jump through a lot of mental hoops to get there. Either way, the meaning isn't very clear.

Subesh Bajracharya's picture
Subesh Bajracharya
Activity Score 4

can plz any one tell me about the idea i dont get the meaning of this concept

Nurse Bell's picture
Nurse Bell
Activity Score 156

Unless you have a tent fetish, this campaign has no real idea behind it.

BernbachOnRoids's picture
Activity Score 77

"The best ad is a good product" - Alan H Meyer

Now I'm not sure who the hell Alan H Meyer is? Wikipedia says something about South African badminton championship?(Legend!) But whoever this genius is, he's right!
There is a reason this quote has been following me round like a crack ho in the early hours of Sunday morning. It's actually plastered, not like the crack ho, on the wall of our agency. WHAT WHERE MINI THINKING!! Yes I did it, I used two exclamation marks. It was necessary. Really, I think the clue that this was a bad idea was in the name Mini. Why is it that every car nowadays is the small large car. Feels and runs like a motorbike but has enough space to take the Christian family next door with 12 kids to church on Sunday. Que clever perspective angle shot. Wow aren't we clever. The best of both worlds!

I don't blame these guys for making a semi-crap, lets answer the brief in the best way we can ad. I don't blame the ad agency, Rui, Flavio, Wilson, it's not your fault. No, No...It's not your Fault...Iiiiiit's nooooot your Fauuuult.

Who the hell came up with the idea to produce a normal sized not so mini Mini. The pretends to be a 4x4. A poser 4x4 in a poser mini. Maybe they are trying to capture the poser market?

These guys have actually met the brief, they've actually smashed it out the park. Look how much we can fit in this itsy bitsy car. I would love to see the making of this ad. How the hell did they get the Minicamper there. Must have been post production. Also how long would it take to put up a tent that big. Considering that in reality with a tent that big only one person could fit in the car. They've killed mini, they given it an identity crises.

I don't know how to judge this ad, and who am I to judge. I've come up with some stupid ideas in my time.That's why the crack ho's follow me around. I'm just glad I didn't come up with this one.(the car) Because this one is going to go down in history.(the car, not the ad)

robthelad's picture
Activity Score 120

I think it's all about space, but having owned a mini, there's no space to speak of.