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kurtberengeiger's picture
Activity Score 7323

Nice illustrations, but it's all too clear why no copywriter is listed in the credits.

MicheleVirgilio's picture
Activity Score 2617

nice work. not so clear but i think works

Wordfruit's picture
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I guess the pure fact that it's a comic and so different graphically to other supplements etc will mean people will notice it.

But I'd also guess it'll restrict readership -- lots of people simply don't read comics.

I read the first bit and the copy seemed to be comic-style. I think what would have got my attention would be if the copy was not comic-style.

I guess the rest depends on how good the story in the comic is. I didn't read it, so I don't know.

Bob08's picture
Activity Score 749

Never seen so many (small) words in a comic.
I lost the desire to read at the second box.

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Mini misses Crispin. The old Crispin, anyway.

mois's picture
Activity Score 28

the direction art is good but all is boring also.

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Activity Score 24

the illustrations are awesome!

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 50490

nice look for the illustrations.

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Looks good but waaay too much copy going on here. Got bored after a few seconds

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The art is interesting and got my attention but you guys seriously need to read some comics. The content is like a brochure. And surely a plot? Even if this is vol1. or a teaser, even if you don't care about a story, use the time tested comic strategy - "A threat - a hero - a hero in trouble - rise of companions (not compagnons, for god's sake!) - how will it turn out?!!! - wait for the next issue!" Isn't there a writer in the house?

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Activity Score 108

Nice art, but nobody's going to stick with this long enough to read it. Got bored after box 2. The copy wasn't engaging. Not too fond of the idea either. Superhero car? Could have done better.