Mikey Powell Poster

May 2007
 Mikey Powell Poster


Mikey Powell is known in the Lacrosse world for looking at the game and his roll differently than other players. Mikey wrote his thoughts, we illustrated them collaboratively.

Advertising Agency: Factory Design Labs, Denver, USA
Creative Director: Steve Whittier
Art Director: Steve Whittier
Copywriter: Mikey Powell
Illustrator: Kris Fry
Photographer: Embry Rucker
Account Director: Kristin Tangye
Studio Manager: Tom Hamilton
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jamesrothenburg's picture

Nice execution but I've seen it before from nike or adidas a long time a go. I also had no idea who the ad was for. I finally found the logo after while. It may just be me but I believe that the product/brand should be clearly and quickly communicated. The consumer takes only one thing away from an ad it should be the brand. This doesn't do that as well it could.

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Art Director
lorem_ipsum's picture

looks like a pice of work from to me...
looks great, but who wants to read this?

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Art Director
Pacific Blue's picture


Pacific Blue
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/// The clock is laughing in my face ///

Leandro's picture

too much clean for me... ;)

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Guest's picture

I would buy this poster

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