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October 2009

Print advertisment created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, United States for Microsoft, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Boulder/Miami, USA
Co-Executive Creative Directors: Rob Reilly, Andrew Keller
Creative Director: Tim Roper
Interactive Executive Creative Director: Jeff Benjamin
Assistant Creative Director / Art Director: Dave Steinke
Assistant Creative Director / Copywriter: Michael Craven
Head of Video, Integrated Production: Matt Bonin
Executive Integrated Producer: Paul Gunnarson

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shahidali's picture
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ha ha ha...good one.
however, it there's one piece in the series that captures the whole essence of 'simplicity' which is the USP of the product, that the lady saying "I said simplify my PC". That's the best.


ivan's picture

Good idea. At least MS can now blame the consumer if Windows 7 bombs, like Vista did. "Hey, it was all your idea guys! Eat your own breakfast!" :)

mark3r's picture
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Ha, good call.

Guest's picture

I hate this campaign!

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The copy is not great!

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I think this campaign is great. It won't win any creativity awards but this is an awesome spot to improve Microsoft's brand image. The idea doesn't seem that great because that line can be used for almost anything in the world, but the strategy is pretty good.

This is the way I see the campaign. The current mindset is that Microsoft products are not user friendly. So instead of having everyone talk about how crap they are (Microsoft), they'd rather have you give them constructive feedback. Just because us ad folk love Macs, shouldn't mean we can't appreciate an ad for Microsoft.

I also don't think this is an opportunity for Microsoft to shift the blame to us. In fact, they're taking on more responsibility by saying they're ready to listen to the consumer. The hardest part is for Microsoft to actually listen and act to all the varying feedback they'll get.

Just because it's not in an award annual doesn't mean it's not a good ad.

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... and he is in washroom... is it because of Windows 7 that he had vomit... he is still cleaning his face...

maashookshee's picture
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i think the brand is bigger then the idea .... expectation is being broken .. this is unawareness of competitors.... respect

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Gotta love stock photography

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The copy is EXCELLENT...if you're a beginner.

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Green for creativity and ideas. What they haven't communicated here is the concept of trialling Windows 7 with 8 million users. I was one of those users for a while - an enjoyable experience. I appreciated the chance to try lots of software, codecs, drivers etc and give feedback in the process.

Duncan Macleod's picture
Duncan Macleod
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Good use of green for creativity and ideas.

What they haven't made clear in the print campaign is the connection with the 8 million users who trialled Windows 7 before its release. I was one of those for a while. It was great having the chance to put the system through its paces, trialling all the software I could think of, along with codecs, drivers etc.

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gravity's picture
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the ad is as "cold" as windows. bright colors, stock photos, thin and elegant font, dull idea.

where's the humour, where's the spark?

this tells me windows 7 is no different than the previous zillion versions. didn't buy it and expected 10 fold better from cp+b.

Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
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I think the idea of the whole campaign is pretty stupid. As the photos.

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opposite of u
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2 minutes of work gives u the same results as working with windows 7, big, fat zero