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July 2009

To coincide with the solar eclipse, a topical ad was developed for Michael Hill Jewellers.

Print advertisment created by McCann, Australia for Michael Hill, within the category: Personal Accessories.

Michael Hill for special occasions

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Sydney, Australia
Creative Directors: Vince McSweeney, Andy Geppert, Mark Smith
Art Director: Dave Heytman
Copywriter: Brendan Willenberg
Illustrator: Dave Heytman

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Pencil-Killer's picture
Activity Score 59

art direction could 've been better.i do like the concept, great top topical also

sirvan's picture
Activity Score 29860

This is a tad too unsubtle.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

knockout3's picture
Activity Score 56

not good!

Guest's picture

To coincide with the eclipse? hmm, you mean you saw a picture of the eclipse, and thought, hey that looks like a ring, I know what I'll do.

Guest's picture

Very good!

alexander_bickov's picture
Activity Score 3279

to much black :)

Guest's picture

does not come through at all!

lucdesaulniers's picture
Activity Score 1145

Love it.

Guest's picture

superb...........u mean dat its fr special occatn........n compare it with eclips which s also a speacial occatn

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7613

reading the comments... how divergent! i'd conclude with NOT WORKING :D

| everartz |

Guest's picture

o come on, everybody in the world has thought of this idea, how can you publish this, not fair, simply not fair

KbxAds's picture
Activity Score 943

there wouldn't be one a single advertising creative in the world who hasnt thought of this idea for jewellery, for wedding rings, for "special occassions", i myself wrote the stupid line "A celestial idea brought to life expertly by Nakshatra (a jewellery brand)". That mediocre idea didn't go further than even the mediocre CD's desk in the mediocre small agency. Everyone has got this same idea. Publishing this particular one here is cruel on every1 who thought the idea too common to even submit.

Sephi's picture
Activity Score 139

hey,the idea is so poor~

so much photographs&idea like this when the eclipse has finished,they post them into all BBS.

Guest's picture

good idea. brilliant. Just take a relook at the concept. Tweak the line. Maybe, a different visual...and I told you 'twas a Lions' thing.

Guest's picture

1st thought

Primitive's picture
Activity Score 122

very bad photoshop..nice concept

Dont waste your life taking care of It...

RAM KATE's picture
Activity Score 765

Whatever any body comments, I liked the concept. The entire world was watching this celestial phenomena. It's timed well.


imosaddaq's picture
Activity Score 71

The Ring ! why black friend ?

impossible is nothing !

AmOgodzzz's picture
Activity Score 826

The tagline and the visual have absolutely nothing in common. And what does a solar eclipse have to do at all with engagement rings? The tagline is also unoriginal and boring. If it is the client's own tagline from before, you should come up with a better one and use it.

automatik, McCann Erickson is actually a very well-established agency worldwide known for stellar work. Not sure what happened in this case, though. Maybe it was the client that pushed this idea?

Guest's picture

what do you mean it has nothing in common?!

it's michael hill "for special occasions"
a solar eclipse is a very special occasion. only comes many times in a lifetime?

so the eclipse with the bit of light shining through is like a form of a ring.

hence, it's saying, michael hill jewellery is for our special occasions, which are as special as a solar eclipse.
like a wedding, for example.

she_kai's picture
Activity Score 221

this kinda idea can be seen everywhere

Guest's picture

Come one guys... The Art direction should reflect the beauty of the diamond, not a novelty ring from a christmas cracker!

Guest's picture

Mosaddaq, that's a very good photograph of yourself, it actually makes you look intelligent! Now go and ask a friend to help you look up the word "eclipse." Great ad.

Pencil-Killer's picture
Activity Score 59

art direction could 've been better.i do like the concept, great top topical also

Guest's picture

Sweeet idea.

Guest's picture

Very topical. I like that. It would have been even better if the eclipse was visible from Australia or New Zealand. It was not, but it least it was reported on the telly there.

Best laugh in the comments above: "McCann Erickson is actually a very well-established agency worldwide known for stellar work." Stellar work? LOL. ME has long been the sick man of the multi-nats. Its work is legendarily bad in most markets.

One Show winner a few years ago: DM for an aspiring creative.

"Some people do some pretty dumb things to get into advertising."
"For instance, I took a job with McCann Erickson."

It was entered by the guy's new agency, DDB, and won because ME is pretty much held in the contempt it deserves in the US and other English-speaking markets.

Guest's picture

Just reminds me of Heroes....

Guest's picture

it needed something else... the second and third phases of the eclipse have what is called a "diamond ring" (buddum chhh...) but I feel that they could have really played upon that more. even a tag line pulling it all together would have helped. over all this is pretty disappointing, but I can see where the A.D. wanted to go, I just don't think he got that idea across effectively.

Guest's picture

no twist at all

punk's picture
Activity Score 182


Why would you need 3 creative directors for this?


niniasufle's picture
Activity Score 407

cliché cliché cliché...
old old old
etc etc etc...

to the 3 creative directors