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And still don't have nothing to do.

"Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage."

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Ouch. Copy is horrible. Must be a lost in translation thing.

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it's not lost - you just have to know who the hell are "Sex Pistols" and "Mother Love Bone" to get it.


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i know who the Sex Pistols are, of course, but i'd never heard of Mother Love Bone

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the target will pass the page before read half line

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no, the target wiil read the whole page

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I agree with ricards - target will read it through! it was interesting to follow the bloodline of rock flowing into metal.


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maybe you and ricards are right.
but seeing the comments bellow maybe i am right.
any way, this is not kind of visual appel to the target, dont you agree?
i dont make myself clear maybe, what i intend to say is: because of the visual (too letters), the target will not even read the first line...
but, i can be wrong, as anyone here :-)

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i was actually dumb enough to look for the connection somewhere, now i'm two minutes older, damn!

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i really have no idea what they're trying to say here.

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"Who said sex and pistols have nothing to do with mother and love?"


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aih aih.....

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Crash course in Metal rock.... i would really like to hang this page on my wall ... in fact i will i will print it and hang it

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some of the groups calification are disgusting. they should have called someone who knows something about music. im the target and im irritated that they placed MANY bands and artist mistakenly.

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i don't get it at all.

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I'm sorry guys, but as a somewhat well-versed fan of this type of music I found this advert extremely uninformative. And boring. Next.

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They missed an entire section - Manufactured Metal - principal band - Linkin Park!