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Dick Huges
Activity Score 937

So so so.

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Activity Score 156

The idea: seen before. But if it could really fit in (and made) in 1 day, its *****! Catching the right moment is (almost) everything

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Activity Score 989

the idea is ok...but i think something is lost in the authenticity by using colour pics when the paper is in b&w.

drunkard's picture
Activity Score 113

Good point!

seventysixer76's picture
Activity Score 105

Who says the paper is in black and white?

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Activity Score 32

The idea isn't compelling enough. You're showing the action. Why not imply it? I also think you should have chosen more sympathetic photos. Maybe photos of a pet, a house, a car, etc. This way you'll get that feeling you were going for in the ad.

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Activity Score 1592

Judging the idea... well... it's been done before. Still looks cool though.

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Marlboro Man
Activity Score 12

Nice, but.........

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Activity Score 84

C'mon don't be so critical. It's brilliant and done so quickly... they get points for that. Someone was on their toes!

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Javi Ending
Activity Score 130

Don't hate, appreciate this great idea