Unbranded, Sundae

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July 2013


Epic close-up images of McDonald's iconic foods with little or no branding.

Print advertisement created by TBWA, France for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Paris, France
Creative Director: Jean-François Goize
Art Buyer: Julie Champin
Food Creative Director: Maud Poilpré
Food Stylist: Anne-Claire Delphin
Photographer: Sue Atkinson
Production / Agent: Trayler & Trayler
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laziest ads ever

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No logo or words needed. Just instant craving.

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.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Most of them 'work', as in I can identify them as a McDonalds product, but the hot fudge sundae I would have no idea.

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Public Relations
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Lazy, but genius.

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at first i thought "is this a joke ivan?" this is literally just a photo of their food

but when i realized there was no logo and you could still recognize it as mcdonalds, i thought "brilliant"

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What's the matter with me?
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Life itself doesn't have meaning, which should be created by ourselves.

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although someone in the other ad mentioned it's been done before...

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In my opinion, it's brilliant. This is a great way to show off how strong of a brand MCD is. It's a visual "nuff said".

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This is the only one I'm kind of iffy about. Is there something unique about a McDonald's sundae that separates it from any other restaurant or ice cream shop?

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images of brand is also ad, lazy but strong when it works.

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There's something I don't understand. What is the reason for the MC Donalds show that your brand is strong? What is the relevance to the target?

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they secure space in minds of consumers

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Yeah, just get one and eat it
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Life itself doesn't have meaning, which should be created by ourselves.