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If it had been done by the same agency, I'd say good idea. But this is a complete rip off.

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I live in Vancouver and this was done over a year ago, well before the outdoor fry light board was done so it's actually the light board ripping this off.

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Nike Diesel
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Well, they have to write about something... Good PR for Mickey D's anyway.

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Would be a fun thing for restaurants to give out, but as a print ad it isn't very exciting.

The billboard is more impactful because it is real. And big.

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Lawson Hembree
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I agree. It'd be fun to get a plugin like this with a Happy Meal or as a part of the Monopoly promotion.

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Roger Keynes
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That is the pissiest rip off I have ever seen.
And if this is the 'original' idea... the billboard 'extention' dumps all over it.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Confusingly bad.

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Excellent job!

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Prasad Weerasekara
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I think good ambient. not print.

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I don't love Mc but this is a good idea

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Ok, definitly too scary for kids

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more outdoor, nevertheless is a bad idea

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Cui Chong
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Roger Keynes
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The billboard is where this underwhelming thought should have lead.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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I want a night light like that.

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I like french fried very much.

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Is the only reason that people don't like this is because it's been done before. I'm not familiar with the original and this isn't minblowing but this is super effective.