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you cant. but simplistic aint what we're aiming for is it?

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Are you serious, Ivan?

Is this ad some kind of joke? Or did you make it yourself and just don't want people to know that you really are a talentless hack? There are no credits, after all.

It's nice that you've made yourself a little advertising playground here that you are in complete control of, but the problem is you put so much shitty work on here that the only person that can possibly reflect on is you. It might be time to loosen your grip a little bit and allow for some other perspectives than your own when it comes to what work gets displayed. And crap like this would be the first to get tossed if that were the case.

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It communicates you spoilt little "ads are for ad people" bastards!!



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Its BIg, but not that tasty...

Stay low, move fast. Kill first, die last. 1 shot 1 kill, not luck, just skill.

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simplicity at its best

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clever really clever, nice work, indeed you can't get any simpler if you avoid few exceptions.

Don't follow the herd - be yourself!

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This is a goodie - one of the ads that work and where some thought has been put behind it! GREAT WORK.

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It works for their customers, who struggle to fit into the frame too.