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By The Economist's own standards, these are crap.

Prefer 'To err is human, to err-umm-ah is unacceptable.' Now that's the Economist.

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mad hatter

Stuff it smudge23

You couldn't tell brilliance if it stood in front of you with a neon sign.
This was done a while back and won quite a few awards in its days. As it was fresh back then.
So please don't go shooting your mouth off about stuff that was done before your time.

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Who cares how many awards it won!?

Don't let awards decide what's good or not for you, make up your own feeble mind!

For me, this, compared to other Economist ads is obvious, 'first thought' and uninspiring, they can and have done better.

It works but it's mediocre.

We're going to need more lube.

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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i agree. these are very shitty for the Economist, considering their usual high standard of writing. Awards mean nothing. All it means is that the judges that year liked these ads. Well maybe the judges that year were all a bunch of quacks.

I find that the people who are simply chasing awards are the same people that can't seem to hold down a job (of course not all of them, but it certainly seems synonomous).

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i like these. the stuffy lines are starting to feel well, stuffy and dated. god forbid they move onto to something else.

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Hmmm, I prefer the headline ads, they're a classic.

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Mazes have proven through the test of time to win both the hearts of the judges as well as consumers.

I wonder who will be the first who dares to do a sukudo ad, shaking the boat of this wildly popular 'maze' formula.

worth a penny and a potential cannes.
and for those who don't think highly of awards, at least you'll keep the reader entertained.