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March 2009

Print advertisment created by Publicis, Romania for Martini, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Makes food that easy

Advertising Agency: Publicis Romania, Bucharest
Creative Director: Razvan Capanescu
Art Director: Cristian Costea
Copywriter: Carmen Dobrescu, Mihai Ion
Illustrator: Sorin Sorasan
Media Buyer: Arsena Dragoi

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bitter is digestive

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Javier Ramírez
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Interesante la vuelta...nueva, cuando menos

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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bad joke

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makes it horny or sexy? am i missing something here?

| everartz |

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not so clever but very irreverent

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designada grafica
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jajajajja no lo hubiera imaginado..

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Advertising for advertisers
But I Love the illustration style.

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cheap! very cheap. irrelevant, too. this is not Martini at all. it's just a bad joke within the agency's walls.

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I wanna tap that!!

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Just a tongue in cheek humour, you guys, It's so obvious, they personify the food and play with the double meaning of the word "easy", I think that idea is great. May be that type of wine makes you eat more or something!!!

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bitter is digestive

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It's a digestive.
That's why I think it's a very nice idea, playing with the double meaning of "easy" (light and light morality). Love it :)!
For the rest of the comments - guys, if you don't know the meanings of "easy" and don't know what a bitter (digestive) is, better refrain from comments.

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A stranger abroad
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I'm pretty sure everyone got the pun on 'easy', despite the odd headline phrasing (why the word 'that' for instance?). It is not as if it is clever or subtle.

But I suspect telling people on a public forum that they should or shouldn't be posting is a little beyond the job description of another visitor to said forum.

It is after all, entirely possible that people understood, but just aren't as keen as you are on weak puns and zoophilic double entendre.

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Basic??????? Maybe, but I like it, anyway...

A new way of seeing things is always welcome here, I think...

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