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pretty and simple. good one.

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Really cool

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spot on! good job. is the sky texture intentional?

chintan ruparel
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~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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nice idea, but wrong ripples. If you ever watch discovery, crocodiles vibrates their body and make the water surface "dance", another good example is Jurassic park, the vibrating glass.

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sori folks, i'mlost here!!! whatz dis about?

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As far as I can tell, this is about sound. Maybe the Hi Fi Club has something to do with speakers or music. But it would appear that whatever it is, it delivers sound so powerful that it would create waves in a lake.
Am I close?

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pretty sure your right...

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Cool stuff.

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thx, ellehcimeo. if that's what it's suppose to be saying then it's cool. though it looks a bit too unreal. i think the visual is not strong enough. that's my opinion (could be wrong).

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is everyone serious?
this is terrible.
Look at the house and trees, can they look any worst?
who has a house on an island like that?

The idea of a water ripple from a strong sound system is good but this is way too forced.

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for which reason do we look on absolute realism in ads?

this is nonsense

it's a funny, gets to the point pretty fast and presents the idea well for this region which is extremly low populated, having a lot of islands, peninsulas and lakes.

the art direction could be even more simple, but what does look so worse on forest and house???

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i do not know if you ever been in Sweden, but this is exactly how it looks.
The houses are exactly in that style, the forest looks exactly like that, lakes look exactly like that, sky looks exactly like that. Perfect!
And Yes, people do have houses like that, on an island. But I am sure that this picture is fake, as the house (and the whole island) is too small comparing to the trees around.

And to the waves on the water: maybe its possible that its not the sounds waves that are creating the water waves, but rather the vibration of the island, that would only vibrate to more base, and therefor creating more "structured" waves.

And Yes, Hi-Fi Club is an electronic store with focus on speakers.

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Done. And done better.

Check out Bose Marine Speakers by Saatchi's Aukland.

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Yep. Done WAY better.

Sorry they're not a bit bigger. These were the only versions I could find. Logo down bottom says "Bose Marine Speakers"

Boony wants a beer
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Jurassic Park - Spielberg
Hi-fi club - Spilberg

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Fail Harder.

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Maybe done but good crafting.

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for dubai standard maybe but the crafting is terrible. view it large

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who is throwing stones inside on the floor. ripples are comming ouside dear.
take care next time. ha !! ha!!! ha!!!! I like the visual. Morfing could have been better but ok.
it's cool!!!

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1st post.
Bad post production. Ripples seem like a cheap photoshop plugin.
But we actually do have people living like that in Scandinavia..
Moi like the simplicity.

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i dont think, they have done it with a plugin

looks like ripples from another picture, in particular with some of the inteferences in the middle

depths and shadows of the ripples have not been done very good, but honestly, its only us ad zombies recognizing these crappy details.

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simple and smart.
overanalyzing is for the birds.

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average idea, poorly executed.
not thinking enough is for the troglodytes.

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