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August 2010

Print advertisment created by FCB, Venezuela for Maglite, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

MagLite, Powerful

Advertising Agency: DraftfcbB, Caracas, Venezuela
Chief Creative: Carlos Rusconi
Creative Director: Macoco Moreira
Art Director: Daniel "Caiman" Méndez
Copywriter: Macoco Moreira
Photographer: Harold Gonzalez

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I like it; it's eye catching.

PS: "Forced" comments are coming...

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Reality Check
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Amiably goofy, but it isn't especially funny.

pez's picture
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Sorry I don't like it...

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nice idea. and as the comment above said "forced".

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I would like any policeman version doing this stuff with mag-lite. :p

TommyO's picture
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I don't like it.

Guest's picture

Not new...forced.

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Done by an Argentinian Agency a few years ago

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Anonymous Author
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Who's holding the torch?

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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i like it ;)

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I'm not sure how this has been done before just because both ads use a hand silhouette. Wouldn't you arrive at the same conclusion for using a burglar or a man? The idea you posted has no correlation to the light and the image it casts. Why would anyone see a reindeer in a floor is beyond me. (that IS the point of that ad right?)
Here the idea is simple the [flash] light is your guard dog. Personally I have never seen an ad where a flash light was correlated to a guard dog.

dollypoppin's picture
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I don't like it not because it's done, I just think it's a little corny for me.

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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I don't think this is a bad idea. It's kind of clever, easy to get.

Don't particularly care for the execution on the beam of light or the shiny mirror floor. Light looks defused yet casts a pretty crisp shadow. Mirror floor is just odd.
The light from the door is too bright and glowy, I find it distracting. It's the middle of the night.

Guest's picture

well sebato and joelapompe, this idea is completely different from the links that you posted.

shadow images is not the idea.

i like.

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I'm a firm believer that the closer to real it is the better...

That is unpacked two ways:

1. If you could do the ad now, i.e. if you had a flash lite could you do it right now?
2. Is it believe-able, would a person do that?

The first one is do-able, but the second is not, that's why the advert fails as people do not believe it...

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Nooo... Horrible art direction and execution. OK maybe not that horrible but its for sure now for my eye.

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Why is this ad getting any positive reviews? It is terrible. Shadow coming from a beam of powerful light. And is that burglar farting on the shadow dog? Seriously, WTF?

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liked it....

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Atb, it's my pleasure to prove you are right. It is as forced as it gets. The more powerful a flash light is the scarier the shadow dog? As a guest pointed out so accurately: "Seriously, WTF?"

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Hey Dzsoi. It's always a pleasure to talk to you. Once again, I'd have to disagree with you. If all flashlight ads showed just flashlights, they would be boring. I've said something before and I'd say it again: a lot of you tend to read way too much into these things.. you tend to over-think as well as over-analyze them. The dog shadow here is just a fun metaphor.

Dzsoi's picture
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Noone said a flashlight ad must show just flashlights, there have been other creative flashlight ads I liked and didn't find forced - for example those based on the concept it highlights things you are looking for - light spot forming a hand grabbing a key or surrounding objects "burned out" or those ads showing objects in the flat as dangerous because you won't see them in the dark - no flashlight was shown there!! ... You really can't say I am against creativity, I am just against lazy creativity with half-baked/half-working ideas when the faulty logic tickles many people's brain and find it disturbing somehow and that weakens the effect of any ad. And these flaws not only bothers ad-men, even many costumers I can tell you.