Black leopard

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May 2008

Print advertisment created by Sra Rushmore United, Spain for Madrid Zoo, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

The only difference between panthers and leopards is color.
Animals teach us how to be people.

Advertising Agency: Sra Rushmore United, Madrid, Spain

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tsui tsui's picture
tsui tsui
Activity Score 24

Is there something new?

Jet Lee's picture
Jet Lee
Activity Score 127

I think we get the idea, you hate this campaign. But no need to insult it on every single page.. These ads aren't brilliant, but they aren't that bad either.

Cris's picture
Activity Score 47

nice concept

tomato_seller's picture
Activity Score 14

thanks god it's the last execution.

dadada's picture
Activity Score 1720


Everybody is creative, be yourself.

sloppy4's picture
Activity Score 1492

animals also eat their young in a pinch, wallow in their own poop, and are too dumb to construct homes with air conditioning.

the comparisons in these ads are ludicrous.

Age's picture
Activity Score 74
NatalieM's picture
Activity Score 1685

The message needs more work. It seems pretty vague. Of course animals teach us how to be people. We ARE people not animals.

CharlieR's picture
Activity Score 92

unfortunately very boring.

pmoniz's picture
Activity Score 35

the message isn't that we learn from animals, is that we _should_ learn more from them and a good way of doing so is visiting Madrid's Zoo.

These aren't fabulous, I agree with that but they're far from being bad.

nemesis's picture
Activity Score 765

i don't think they're bad... just thin.

carrot8's picture
Activity Score 4

i like it very much....

jesus_loves_me's picture
Activity Score 59

Bit preachy for a Zoo.

How about 'Come and see how humans keep animals in cages".

-DaMontana-'s picture
Activity Score 118

That could be brilliant!

marcomfouad's picture
Activity Score 204

Old idea for new brand