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August 2010

Print advertisment created by Publicis, Turkey for M Milk, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Awaken the genius within.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Bold, İstanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Sami Basut
Art Director: Gürkan Bayındır
Copywriter: Caner Gözübüyükoğulları
Photographer: Bahadır Tanrıöver
Retouch: Gökhan Altuniğne, Faruk Yurdakul

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Guest's picture

good one! a very nice photography and idea!

JustinCarrasquillo's picture
Activity Score 563

That's one big ear.

Guest's picture

it looks so forced!
nice visual thogh...

cryingmouse's picture
Activity Score 49

the child seems tried

tirthomitro's picture
Activity Score 2758

looks like your selection committee for the archive page is biased towards art direction - the better the art, the better the idea... is it?
and great idea but a little low quality of art is not acceptable.
that's so unfair...
is it not.

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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I think its a trend prevalent in world advertising today. The BBs, and the DOs, are not be found, neither are posers at least. Lack of books, lack of reading, lack of original thoughts, lack of writers, lack of concept in advertising.

royschellekens's picture
Activity Score 390

Your reply brings me to raise a question: What's better? A big idea with a minor execution? Or the other way around?

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

aji pam's picture
aji pam
Activity Score 94

yawn... -_-

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"bununla kesin ödül alırız" diye düşünüp yapmış arkadaşlar. çocuk neden acı çeker gibi duruyor? her yönden zayıf ve zorlama....

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Activity Score 1866

Looks familiar somehow.

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yup, especially for the ears

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just a nice picture

thedesignaddict's picture
Activity Score 5403

Photography: 10/10
Concept: 5/10

silvi's picture
Activity Score 4172

COncept? There´s no concept here

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yeah, just a nice picture for the photo album, no idea no concept. maybe in devian art would be better located

rurorjuror's picture
Activity Score 745

good photo, bur why surroundings are so old? it's a part if the concept?

rurorjuror's picture
Activity Score 745

good photo, bur why surroundings are so old? it's a part if the concept?

Billoughsby's picture
Activity Score 5144

A kid reading a "great book"; an old pro-bono shaggy dog polished until it gleams.

For once, I'm forced to go along with the "no concept, no idea" critics.

That's it.

dollypoppin's picture
Activity Score 1423

Looks like they're just trying to make the boy look old or old-fashioned, not genius.

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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Activity Score 547

What a ghost ad!

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Anonymous Author
Activity Score 1541

Genii don't read Nietzsche, they read Thales and Anonymous.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.

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Activity Score 132

I think tirthomitro has a valid point and question Ivan. Ideas vs art direction.

love what you do and do what you love

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Activity Score 390

I think they've chosen the wrong strategy. As a parent i wish to see my kids having fun, getting themselves dirty. Not reading a dull book in an even more dull room. Bring the word genius back to the perception of a child. That would make it better. But that's only my humble opinion.

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

Jon-Paul Mountford's picture
Jon-Paul Mountford
Activity Score 890

I like it, thasit !

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Really nice work

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good one! a very nice photography and idea!