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Nice one!

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haha i like the line.

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Nice one!

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I like blues, and I like the lines, even the britney spears one, but blues and sunshine do not go together.

Still, nice lines.

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come on, push it!!!!

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Hate to break it to anyone praising this campaign as "nice", this actually sucks ass. The lines are mediocre and couldn't be more disconnected from the visuals. The visuals are Photoshop 101 with crap Adobe Wood Type ornaments slapped onto them. But wait, they're edgy 'cause they used aged paper textured backgrounds; what a novel concept! I won't even waste my saliva on the typography. Please, take this campaign back to 1997 where it belongs.

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I think, therefore... yeah.

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Come on stop sun rays in art

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for a "no copy/paste" world day.

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first glance thought it was a "stop drinking" psa

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