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October 2007

Print advertisment created by JWT, Chile for Loto, within the category: Gaming.

Your car will be the envy of the neighborhood.
Loto. Fulfilling what advertising has always promised.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Santiago, Chile
Creative Directors: Matias Lecaros
Art Directors / Copywriters: Matias Lecaros, Tomás Neely
Illustrator: Abel

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elitistjerk's picture
Activity Score 54

For Chile this must be relevant in terms of promise but it's a bit straightforward. The insight is not bad (if you think of the majority of people living there that would play Loto) but the creative idea lacks. It tells me something a bit too obvious as I know what Loto is and does anywhere in the World but probably for the simpletons this is the promise of a lifetime.

j4son's picture
Activity Score 266

True, any comment on the art..

Lecter Lecaros's picture
Lecter Lecaros
Activity Score 564

I think you didn't get the idea.

The idea is that Loto fulfills the promises of advertising since it's begginings. I think that is pretty clear in the ad.

rebelscum's picture
Activity Score 2110

I find the message clear, but it's so incredibly straightforward that I was trying to find a hook where none existed. In fact, I thought it was an ad for a lottery...until I realized that no, it's ACTUALLY for Car Wax. (right?)

If that's not the case then I'm way lost.

As for the art...meh...better than I could do :) That said, I don't think it quite captures the Victorian/Art Deco look & feel. It's not aged, not distressed, not "poorly printed", if you get my meaning.

It's a big-agency client ad :)

That's my 2¢, anyway :)

EDIT: OK, i see now in the title of the piece that it IS an ad for a lottery :) I R DUM. That makes even less sense to me. I don't see a connection with winning the lottery and a bygone era. The headline, however, works nicely for a lottery :)


"I saw a subliminal ad executive once, but only for a second." - The Wright


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campass's picture
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i'm european, and i dont know how people really lives there... (chile) but probably for the target, lower middle class in term of earn money... (could be almost all of the population), a chance of a winning lottery can really change a lifestyle of family winner. So the promise of a better life is not a false promise. In my point the whole campaign it works very well and it's well executed.

Good job.

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
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ok, this is awesome.