February 2007

Introducing the high security lock from Duro with solid brass body, hardened steel locking bar, anti-drill keyhole and over sixteen million key combinations. Once it’s locked, it stays locked

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Singapore
Creative Director: Andy Greenaway
Art director: Stuart Harricks
Copywriter: Kelly Putter
Photography: Adrian@Shutterbug

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jessicahoppe's picture
Activity Score 72

i like the cheezy and so informative copy about the sounds like some world changing announcement;) but the pic is referring too much to the some really other weird picture comes up in my mind but not this's so obvious

ellehcimeo's picture
Activity Score 3376

wonder what was in that locker that someone needed to go to all this trouble to get into it. couldn't they have just taken the hinges off? i'm finding it rather humorous that you'd spend the money on the lock to find it still intact... but your posessions gone.

tiny_wordz's picture
Activity Score 325

boring!!! would have preferred a funeral shot where the gravestone says the lady is 100 yrs old and died as a virgin. just kidding!!!

"advertising's tough!"

Moonfish's picture
Activity Score 2

Thanks. I'll get a safe.

Hiob's picture
Activity Score 33

has been done for abuse years back by scholz and friends germany. too lazy to search.

Guest's picture

Ahmar Shahab

You Lost everything........ and thanks God only Save Duro Locks.