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what's wrong with her legs - is that because of liver disease? ):

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over complicated ad.

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not so comlicated.

bikers are known as "organ donnors". and they say just, it's not the case now.

the aproach is fresh and fun, I think. anyway if it's not an ad like those for wwf china, you guys are strarting to destroy it :)

BTW, it's not mine

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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You're right. This whole campaign is based on the popular moniker "Organ Donors" to describe reckless motorcycle riders who wear no protective gear.
The approach may be fresh, but it is by NO MEANS fun or even funny. This is a very exploitative ad bordering on consumerism at the cost of those in dire situations. I like gallows humor as much as the next guy, but because of the matter-of-fact tone of the ad, the joke ends up feeling extremely distasteful and objectionable...

Thumbs WAY down. :(

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shame on you. that's horrible and tasteless.

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I agree. This is borrowed interest - and in the worst possible way. "Sorry, people on the donor waiting list. I won't be dying today, so you will." Bad taste.

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How fucking touching.

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I did my internship at Mortierbrigade. The agency is well known for its "confuse and conquer" strategy. Check out their website: They did some amazing work, however my first thought on this campaign was "sick" and "ugly" as well ... But then again, it will reach the motorcycle community easely.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I don't need to see what "other work" they've done so I can understand their justification for this moronic "strategy" they used here. And there's NOTHING "confusing" about this ad either. The message is SO clear. That's what makes this ad even more disgusting.

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erm, this is marketing aimed at bikers, not some social cause which comforts people waiting for organs etc. Get real - or get out of the biz.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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First of all, you almost make it sound like motorcyclists don't have any human emotions and feelings whatsoever to care about others but themselves.

Second, with a mental attitude of "it doesn't matter who we hurt, who we step on along the way as long as we reach our target audience to move the goods", it's sure to backfire eventually one way or the other.
Seems to me, you haven't been in the business long enough to realize the social ramifications of an "exploitative" advertising and the negative publicity it creates. And as an advertiser, that's something you NEVER want to be associated with no matter what your goods or service.

"Yeah, but we weren't talking to you people over here. We were just talking to motorcyclists over there..." It's people like you who get my goat and give this industry a bad name. "End justifies the means" is too naive a marketing approach to risk your name and advertising budget and the revenue it's supposed to generate.

I think it's time YOU "got real" and learned the rational "business" side of advertising...

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Maybe the joke is kinda tasteless because they are putting a face to the idea, an specific situation on a specific person. But, if these were text based, I think they would be better.

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-Hi man, have you seen Sarah?
-You don´t know?
-She died.
-Ah...mmm... nice motorcycle dude.
-You like it? it´s new, do you wanna take a ride?
-Yeah! get up!
-And the helmets?
-Fuck off the helmets! Enjoy life! (BRRRRRRRRRRRRRMMMM....brrrrrrmmmm....

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you should stop this campaign immediatle because is a same for all

humanity !!!!!!!!!!

only the money is that you care about ? !

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nice. will surely sell

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I really like these. Great thinking and nicely put together, well done.

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That's quiet touchy. Being a motorcycle rider i always prefer to put the gear on for the safety and protection not for some kind of the style statements.

A cow hide made jacket can keeps rider safe.