Little red riding hood

August 2007

Melissa bedtime stories

Advertising Agency: BorghiErh/Lowe, Brazil
Art Directors: Erh Ray
Copywriters: Fabio Tedeschi, Omar Caldas
Creative Directors: Erh Ray
Illustration: Platinum
Graphic design: Leonardo Marques
Agency producer: José Ressutti Júnior
Planner: Patrícia Venturini
Art buyer: Adriana Moura
Client service: Zazá Nalde, Tazio Muraro
Client: Paulo Pedó Filho

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JT's picture

"...compromise the innocence of the humble bedtime story..."? Ever read the original Grimm Fairy Tales? Anything BUT innocent.

Guest456857241's picture

I KNEW Little Red was a SLUT!

designer 103's picture
designer 103

i appreciate the artistic design of this image and the effort it must have taken but the content is ... well ... startling to say the least.
how can they compromise the innocence of the humble bedtime story by displaying it in this derogatory way.

but despite this the ad is quite powerful , my only suggestion is they should spend more time thiking of how to display there product than finding ways to use women as sex objects

it took me 15 mins to find out that melissa was a shoe company!!

lawrencevon's picture
Activity Score 143

i somehow agree. i would just put it as "bordering kinky" (as opposed to "derogatory").

the ads tend to have a men's fantasy feel. i wonder how women (their market) would perceive the campaign...


instant coppee's picture
instant coppee
Activity Score 45

i'm with you on this 103... though the art is dazzling and a pat on the back to the art guys! the direction that this took is very irresponsible...
I say 'crap!... wot's up with you?... guys find another approach!... shoooo!"

satish singh
creative director, max l'agence

JT's picture

"...compromise the innocence of the humble bedtime story..."? Ever read the original Grimm Fairy Tales? Anything BUT innocent.

instant coppee's picture
instant coppee
Activity Score 45

agreed that the original stories are anything but innocent, but that's not what the kids read... morality and responsibility have been totally ignored by the team, that's what is scary... how far can creatives go to push an idea they love? 'cause that's what this it is, the creatives just fell in love with their idea and though no more about exploring another execution of 'bedtime stories' as a packaging for the new line of shoes!
get creative, stay responsible... that's my point!

satish singh
creative director, max l'agence

azael's picture
Activity Score 73


Ant's picture
Activity Score 64

love the three bunnies by the side :)

manu2112's picture
Activity Score 60

Impresionante, excelente direccion de arte, me encanta el detalle del conejito mirando la moto.

Impressive, great art direction. I like the detail from the bunny looking the bikers.

curious's picture
Activity Score 34

beautiful art but ugly product. I'm sure they are better lookin shoes frm Melissa.

deep_tracy's picture
Activity Score 588

did the idea for this campaign come from alan moore's 'lost girls'?

Billy Hill's picture
Billy Hill

No argument from me on the amazing detail in the art and the insane level of craft. These shut the door on simplicity, that's for sure.

What's strikes me, is the notion that these would be at all appealing to woman.

whitespace's picture
Activity Score 1953

You're with the wrong women then. Benny Hill would have understood.

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7613

something i dont like here if you notice gentle men, this beautiful lady is not holding against anything! so if mister wolf drives at a high or faces a speed braker trunck! she'll fall and... probably brake the high heel or maybe her nose!! anyway,.....


| everartz |

Stigset's picture
Activity Score 1454

I have no clue on what's advertized here. Apparantly shoes (but how do you guys know that?). Nice art direction.

Guest's picture

Good Rodrigo Rodrigues Fabio Tedeschi and Omar Caldas..........
Erh Ray did nothing ..... a long time that does nothing

IndreSas's picture
Activity Score 14

Nice art work and all, but what is it about? Green typography reminds me American hostels you meet on the road.

instant coppee's picture
instant coppee
Activity Score 45

great art.
the new line of shoes from melissa is nicely packaged as 'bedtime stories'

BUT... red riding hood in this avatar?! hello?

satish singh
creative director, max l'agence