Little Premature Xmas Card

December 2006

Every year, the premature baby unit at Edith Cavell hospital sends cards to the other departments as well as to ex-patients. This year, they sent this card in mid-October. When you open it you see the message:

It's a little premature, but Happy Christmas.

Advertising Agency: McCann-Erickson, Belgium
Creative Director: Jean-Luc Walraff
Copywriter: Gregory Defay
Art Director: Gregory Defay
Photographer: Thierry Siebrand

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Activity Score 1368

very very very cool very

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Activity Score 503

Brilliant, xmas is so hard to do.

Fail Harder.

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Activity Score 6

now, I am awed!

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Activity Score 66

Amazing. Very fresh and original.

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Activity Score 36

Great ads for what seemed to be not the easiest to work with. Niiiiccccceeeee

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Jet Propulsion Lab
Activity Score 10679

It was just a matter of time before someone would start fucking around with those figurines in the Nativity scene.
And I'm so glad they did.
Why it's baby Jesus in an incubator!
How precious is that?!

I wonder if I can get them on eBay...

ivan's picture

Oh, that's an incubator!? I thought it's a grill. :?

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Activity Score 44

The idea is cool, but I'm always sceptical when it comes to politics and religion

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Activity Score 36

don't be sceptical
enjoy it

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Activity Score 648

Lolz..Ivan...why would it be a grill? :-O

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"baby jesus on a grill? i thought it's goose for christmas" ;)

i love it. it would also be nice with mary kneeing behind the incubator touching the glass with her palms.

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Fantastic!!! It's a very cool ad!!! Congrats!!!!

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clap, clap, clap!

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Impressed :)

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When I first saw it I thought it was baby Jesus in a microwave oven, hahahahaha

But when I enlarged it, I got it right away. Awesome. I love it! Very cool.

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drunk dave
Activity Score 1066

Where is the arabic god squad protecting religious rights? I love the fact there's no response, and I hope when the next ad has a religious slant you don't get upset.
Seeeeeee. JC boys seem more open minded.

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Drunk Dave, in Christianity its normal to portray Jesus.
People are used to images of him and Mary. Its not against Christianity but in Islam it is.
Not every Muslim went crazy over those cartoons, actually a very small minority. 300 people in Iran protested, the population of Iran is 10,000,000!
Media blew it out of proportion.

ps. There are one billion Muslims and theyre not all Arabs.

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drunk dave
Activity Score 1066

Point well taken. Just commenting on how everyone (and it was the hindi ad last time) gets up in arms here when their religion is taken in vain. As an aetheist I don't care, just wish everybody was as open minded. But I do respect others beliefs, as long as they're not thrust on me. As for the ad... hmmm ... cute would be the only adjective I could give it. Not really very creative.

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Usually I don't care much for wittiness I have to decipher. This I got right away. Simple yet imaginative, funny
& sweet. Congrats.

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what an ad!!! this year, the finest ad on adsoftheworld. arguably, of course.

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Now that's something to look at. Great stuff!

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putz!!! why i don't think this first? grgrgrgrgr.

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It's perfect!
I really like the idea.

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a nice and novel idea :)