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March 2012

Print advertisment created by ADK, India for Lipice, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

History flips with naughty flirty lips.

Advertising Agency: ADK Fortune Communication, India
Creative Directors: Rahul Katiyar, Tamana Virmani, Karimuddin Khan
Art Directors: Karimuddin Khan, Rahul Katiyar
Copywriter: Rahul Katiyar
Illustrator: Narender
Photographer: Karimuddin Khan
Additional credits: Yatendra Johri

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I don't understand what's happening here...

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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ahaha, me too. what's the idea behind it

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The campaign are deeply based on Indian mythology. The Kauravas (evil side) has won Draupadi (the femele in the left) in the game of Dice with Pandavas (the good side). Draupadi is the wife the Pandavas. Draupadi has ones insulted the Kauravs in front of the everyone. So it the the revenue time for the Kauravas after winning Dropadi they are about to unwrap her saree (the costume) in front of everyone. This incident is called Dropadi vastraharan. But in the ad it is shown just the opposite, where in Dropadi is enjoying the Vastraharan of the Kauravas king.

India has a male dominated mythology, The entire campaign carries the idea of reversing this concept of male domination to female.

If you want to know the part of this mythology in detail here the link. This is just one chapter of the epic called Mahabharata.

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I went through the entire campaign, but i still dint understand that how these ancient stories are related to the product/ brand ??? Pretty difficult to understand the concept used here :(

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not get it

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Milan Solanki
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even those who know these stories would find it difficult to put it in the right context, too far stretched, i would say. Also you don't speak with your lips, you speak with your tongue.

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monte kelos
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very nice art

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big no


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kalra kieth
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good art.

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kalra kieth
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good art.