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July 2009


In July 2009, Li Ning will hold Style Fighter 3+1 Basketball Challenge and NBA Stars

Print advertisement created by Creatim, China for LiNing Sports, within the category: Fashion.

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good art work

just write
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vote 10? creative team voted ,obviously

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It's just one vote so far. What's yours?

Creative Director at Ads of the World
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great art no doubt. where is the idea???

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Creative Director at Grey Global, India |

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Is that a real shark, or was it created in 3D?

Prof's picture

the shark looks bad imho...

like the style though...

oh yeah, and non existant concept i guess...

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Copywriter |

Quite really.

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awesome artwork!!

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| everartz |

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Great photoshoppy. liked it, gave 10/10

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liked every bit of details....

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awesome!! really nice

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good stuff... nice art work

Emran Hayat
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Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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not too bad

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he's playing basketball in the sea?...

nice work :)

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When sharks attack they move up their snout more to reveil the flesh above their teeth. It doesn't look like the shark is attacking in my opinion...

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Just so so.
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"Three different thematic basketball courts will be set up representing the styles of Shaq O'neal, Baron Davis and Jose Calderon respectively.".....dumbasses......cant u read the copy and see that the ads have been created on the grounds of "thematic basketball courts". So its just a representation which basketball lovers in China would definitely love( the target)....its not meant for old ad whores like you people. i know the idea isnt that great but being a student if i could get it, how could you oldies just crib that the ad is just art and no idea. i despise this cynical attitude your generation is leaving as a legacy to the new that nothing new which u guys dont like cannot emerge. it might kill innovation..

anyways a parting thought for the one guest who went into the details of explaining how sharks attack and the shape of the snout.
when your mother made a cookie for you, did she make it with geometrical instruments.

for fucks sake, when will guys like you enter science on merit n stop poaching the field of advertising

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