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September 2007

Print advertisment created by Kraneo, Dominican Republic for Linda, within the category: Food.

The taste that bring you right back home.

Advertising Agency: KRANEO, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Creative Director: KRANEO
Copywriter: Maryanne Fernandez
Art Director / Illustrator: Eduardo Suárez, DCO
Photographer: Jaime Guerra
Other additional credits: Jesus Portela, Piedad Montes de Oca, Muriel Alfonseca

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Activity Score 1949

The retouch is a bit overdone on this one, but very nice Art Direction overall.

sneakyhands's picture
Activity Score 1857

whoa inter-dimensional crayons!

adgoddess's picture
Activity Score 369

haha, good one.

j2mango's picture
Activity Score 534

i like the art too
but whats this one mean?

dorette14's picture
Activity Score 50

hie-hie (for the crayons comment)

I did not hit you, I simply high-fived your face!

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Activity Score 27

Yep, flying crayons, and so, what's up with the pasted ball?? nice idea...

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Activity Score 74

Nice Art direction

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Activity Score 6692

Nice art??? Not for me at all. so this guy wrote "forgive me" on a sign, cause it's a print ad and speech-balloons are out, or what? why the hell this kids-stuff? cause he left his wife and kid and comes back for this tomato-stuff? i really don't get it. and i really don't care.
for me, this highly generic and just sad.

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Activity Score 1601

Bad photoshop. Horrible art direction. Pobres chicos de Kraneo, siempre queriendo ser tan radicales. This does not sell, therefore does not work. Go back to Bernbach school.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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tanya de Lange

yes, this looks kak

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Guest commenter

There's something charming about the taste being so good that you'll come back home. but is the Target of this Sauce dead beat Dads?? Dominican men do not go to the Shopping in the Supermarket, the women do. So is this a sauce that'll bring your man back???

The whole thing feels a bit "kicked in". At first i thought it was a long lost son returning back to his mother's house. But then it all fell apart for me, when it looks like a father of small children.

In my humble opinion it was a nice effort but the execution lets it down a bit. BTW the can is way too big, so it makes no sense to try and work it into the shot. Over all ...Meh