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no, no, no...

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Hahaha! So funny! Hail to funny ads!

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Didn't get it.

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Please help me out with this one...

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If you're a small person, getting up on a ladder to change a light bulb is difficult, so the less you have to do it, the better.


Not that I think this is a good ad, though. But that's just how I read it.

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Flora A.
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me gusta! I totally agree with the explanation. Let's have fun, guys. Thanks XL!

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Matt Sniper
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The old trick of using a dwarf! How new.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Any "how many midgets does it take to change a light bulb" jokes today?

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Now THAT would have been a funny ad!!!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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The answer is ten.

One to screw in the bulb, two to come up with the stupid idea, four to approve the stupid idea, one to shoot it and two to send it in to some advertising creative website.

Wake me up when it's over...

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Herman V
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It's missing something to be a good and understandable ad. Maybe the line could be different to help.

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haha so little peopel are the aim of this ad ? :'( hm

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I know what's missing in this ad: more legs. LOL!!!!!

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First the headline is not clear. It should have said: Tired of changing lightbulbs all the time? or something like that. Let the visual do the work, or let the writing do the work - you can't have both competing for the reader's attention (Helmut Krone, art director extraordinaire).

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Drew Ovard
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Everybody must have lost their minds. This is awful.

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Tasteless ad...

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What the Hell2
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whta the point??????????????????????????

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Crap! It's not more difficult for a dwarf to change a lightbulb... he just has to go a few steps higher? Stupid insight...

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Smile, you are in cannes shortlist :)

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Sir Muddy Waters
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Not good one. Everybody can see that this little fellow is doing his job with no difficult. Maybe they're advertising a ladder for dwarfs.

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