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June 2008

Print advertisment created by Euro RSCG, Colombia for LG, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Colombia
Creative Director: Cruz Mujica
Art Director / Illustrator: Gustavo Mantilla
Copywriter: Jorge Villarreal
Photographer: Danilo Perdomo
Producer: Andrés Mejía

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ZZbottom's picture
Activity Score 111

Only this one works.


NatalieM's picture
Activity Score 1685


chikirom's picture
Activity Score 133

yes! only this one...and i like it!

brain123's picture
Activity Score 830

This one is funny, the other 2 are not. Maybe if they did it with a cucu bird clock... or something like that...

doworkson's picture
Activity Score 242

i dont get the message? is this thing so small it fits into stuff?

B2B's picture
Activity Score 104

yes. very confusing on the first two and still not very successful on the third execution.

Heaven's picture
Activity Score 88

Los contactos de los tres prints se ven súper fake!!!! todo se ve muy "puesto".

StuartLittle's picture
Activity Score 466

The message that i got at first was that its so small to fit into a mouse hole, but then i got it, confusing visual, Agree with (Mr. brain123) idea or something else.

BFB's picture
Activity Score 936

So they ahd this one as the first of the campaign and then they didn't know how to continue it. The other two don't speak in the same language and it's a shame because they could have.

floydeepurple's picture
Activity Score 349

this could have been a really nice one-off. of course with a hundred times better execution.

takyuz's picture
Activity Score 120

only this. this is great

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

I don't like this campaign at all. why the hell should i get one? to stick in a mousehole? or a vase? come on! they could at least show it's small size in connection to a real benefit. and it's sound is completely missing here. for a product with such a clear message this campaign is horribly lazy

Dusan Zica's picture
Dusan Zica
Activity Score 116

only this one communicates.

Frits Harkema's picture
Frits Harkema
Activity Score 713

In Colombia, they treat mouses like friends. That's how it should be. In Europe, mouses and people are enemies. Why? This world is big enough for all of us.

Marcela Cáceres's picture
Marcela Cáceres
Activity Score 108


Guest's picture

The only one that makes any sense, I still dont think the concept is exagerate enough,at least now u can Imagine tiny mice are using this as their entertainment, the ones in the shoe and case make me want to slit my wrists. WTF