Nobel Women

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October 2009

This ad is made in recognition of the record five women who won Nobel prizes this year- Elinor Ostrom (Economics), Elizabeth Blackburn and Carole Greider (Medicine), Ada Yonath (Chemistry), and Herta Mueller (Literature). 39 women have won 40 Nobels (Marie Curie won twice!) since the prize was created in 1901.

Print advertisment created by Wieden + Kennedy, United States for Levi's, within the category: Fashion.

This year, five women have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind.
Congratulations to these Nobel Prize winners who, we believe, exemplify the pioneering spirit in all of us--regardless of gender.
Levi's - Go forth

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, USA
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman, Mark Fitzloff
Creative Director: Tyler Whisnand
Copywriter: Tyler Whisnand
Art Director: Steve Denekas
Typographer: Azsa West

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If we congratulate the Nobel Prize winners regardless of gender, wouldn’t we congratulate them all?

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yes, gender is one of sensitive matters...

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great agency but bad ad... it happens once a year.

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Wow, is this coming from WK?

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Is the "regardless of gender" really necessary? That's like saying "Good job, for a girl." Sheesh.

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With ads like this, Levis should change its claim to Go back. 100 years in time more or less.

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pffft. Politics and ad...

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WTF does this have to do with jeans? Shameless.

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Juan Cabral
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Hey, someone is being really mean to put everyday boring work from great WK!

Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!