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October 2008

Print advertisment created by Eyescream, Malaysia for Levi's, within the category: Fashion.

It's not just a style icon. It's a symbol of hope.
The Levi's 501 is all about living undeterred and living life to the full, but that's not without saying, Live Smart Too! In support of the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF), throughout October, proceeds from the sales of the Levi's 501 will go to MAF to champion HIV & AIDS related awareness. We call on you to support the cause, because together we can bring hope to those who are affected.

Advertising Agency: Eyescream Production, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Creative Director: Marcus Loo
Design Director: Benji Lum
Copywriter / Account Director: Yamin Shafie
Photographer: Xpose Photography

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regular ad.. and i dont like the separation of headlines here...

| everartz |

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Guest commenter

toooo cluttered, where's the focal point mat yo yo..

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Guest commenter

Not too good.

joy jordison's picture
joy jordison

just a boring visual and bad art direction, ugly font composition and entirely i don't really understand the connection of the brand and the campaign

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the jeans is folded into a shape of the red ribbon....


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Great image. Given the nature of the message, you probably didn't have much of a budget. Maybe the headline could have been brought down for an easier read. I think this is cool.

nfabrika's picture

this is pretty unimaginative

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Guest commenter

critics are bullshit
the ad is great
its a nice idea and if you dont see the relation with the campaign youre blind

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Roger Daly
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Doesn't need the headlines.
We KNOW 501's are cool.
We can SEE it's an HIV/AID symbol.

You've dumbed down a nice idea.

 Pun-isher's picture

This is an OLD Levi's Idea. (The pants making an Aids ribbon I mean). Done by Levi's South Africa

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how much money goes to the cause btw? i mean if the jeans cost around R500 a pair, what percentage does the foundation see?

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Guest commenter

First i thot they are showing fingers crossed....and saying it symolizes hope

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Guest commenter

First i thot they are showing fingers crossed....and saying it symolizes hope

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The Creator

Thanks all for the comments. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Afterall, you can't please everybody, except of course, the one paying for the ad.

To answer some questions/comments.

The comment about it being borrowed from a South African ad... i had no idea. The ad was conceptualised, and developed in one day. It was one of those last minute briefs that required the ad to be up and ready yesterday.

As for the percentage of sales, that's actually confidential. Good news is that, the 501's have actually sold out.

And as much as some of us would like there to be no headline or copy, this isn't a scam ad. And, obvious as it may be to some, there are a handful out there who need the support. So copy there must be.

Thanks again all for the comments, much appreciated.

The Creator

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Roger Daly
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And there's the problem. It was written to please the (paying) client.

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this ad looks like it just wants to send the message that levis supports this cause, pure and simple. and for that fact i like it.

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original copy
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yup, communication is good, layout could have been better though.