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December 2007

Print advertisment created by Jung von Matt, Germany for Lego, within the category: Gaming.

Create the impossible.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Directors: Daniel Frericks, Thimoteus Wagner, Götz Ulmer
Art Directors: Damjan Pita, Alexander Muesgens
Copywriter: Mathias Müller
Account Manager: Katharina Schablitzki
3DModelling: Soul Pix

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*lol* dream on

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Escher rocks, so do these.

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if you forget Escher for one moment, you will see this ad just like nothing.

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This is one of the best works I've seen this (young) year! I would say, Cannes-winning!

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Activity Score 133

Correction: shame on you, guys! But it will win awards anyway...

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*lol* dream on

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oh. stealling ideas... and then building it in 3D and not with real lego??
not so good Jung von Matt...

look here. real ones:

regards. they don`t rock. Escher does and only Escher!

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don´t get it ... can somebody explain it

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Search for M.C. Escher on google.

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Jarne von Wolfsburg
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* * * * *

you had your winner. this won`t do it.

do you earn money with that client?

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Not bad, even it comes from Escher. Above all, this is an ad, not thesis.

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I like it.

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Pitschka ti materina, to je dobro!

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Mmmmm.... I've seen it on the internet a long time ago. Just google "escher" and you'll find the escher lego stuff. Check (posted in 2005!)

I know it doesn't have a lego logo, but... I think it doesn't need a lego logo.

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got the same idea last year and I didn't think it was worth creating.
impossible is nothing? c'mon lego is a toy for kids to develop fantasy and imagination.
lego must not motivate kids to do impossible things. it must bring you closer to yourself. no matter if you just stick two stones together. if that's what you can do,
it's wonderful.

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Killer Kowalski
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They should at least put the escher-guy on the credits!

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Whaaaaaaat??!! James Brown is dead??????

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Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

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I am 25 years old, I still play with lego and I think these ads are brilliant!! :-)

"I have no friends, and don't want any." - Michelangelo

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Just google "Escher" and "Lego". This idea is simply stolen,
like the skyscraper alphabet for Mercedes. How desperate
are these guys at Jungvonmatt to get awards? To publish
an ad like this for some econonomical reason maybe ok.
But it's a shame to write your name for someone elses
work in the credits. Yeah, thats to you Daniel Frericks,
Thimoteus Wagner, Götz Ulmer, Damjan Pita, Alexander
Muesgens, Mathias Müller.

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Activity Score 298

If they asked permission AND placed it in let's say an art magazine then i say this is great. especially the line.

But otherwise - stolen.

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Activity Score 98

So so.

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Activity Score 4

specially taking the SAME colors fromt the ones you found on google!! most escher scribbles were black and white. but those colors are the same! unbelievable. nice one jung von matt. can´t you do something fresh???

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Have Heart
Activity Score 922

Once again a stolen idea. Shame on Jung von Matt.

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C'mon. How many ideas work with escher motives.

besides, I've seen so many award winning work out there inspired by comic books,
internet sites, cartoons, movies etc for so many years..
and for the real outrageous people out there:
calm down, it's just advertising.

after all it's a nice idea which is fun!

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Activity Score 151

would be great if it was not a rip-off! Otherwise nice copyline!

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Thats true. But i think there is a big difference between being inspired
and to copy. But this is a copy. Nothing more

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"The task is to create camaign for lego... hmmm... let's do the google search! BOOM Look what i found let't do the camaign!."

Anyway i really like these.

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Activity Score 56

"The task is to win awards no matter how" - hmmmm... nice Lego idea
there! Already done by someone? Yes? Doesn't matter! Is Lego on our
clients list? No? Doesn't matter, too!

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Activity Score 38

"The task is to win awards no matter how"
Even if it means to "borrow" someone else idea to win? Create something, put it under your pillow and the next day see it as a winning piece with someone else name under it. COOL!

"Doesn't matter!"
IT DOES metter, a lot. It don't if they pay the autor and listed him. Did they? NO.

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Activity Score 56

Looks like I have to work on my ironic skills.

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Activity Score 38

Looks like i have to work on my english ;) sry mate

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Activity Score 56

Hehe, no problem. We're on the same side.

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Activity Score 200

Embarrassing for every copywriter and art director at jvm.
That's not the way they work.

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Wondering if they asked him or not. It may seem they did because they actually did the illustration very much the same as his pictures on his site.. Blue roof, figures almost the same place etc..

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Activity Score 5

I knew that advertising is not about having ideas, I thought so far that it's about remixing or re-creating, but its about stealing. And those who steal mostly are the best agency in the world. Thats another proof! Envy from my side? Yes of course! Caus' everyone including me who visits the internet from time to time knows the originals, but I had scruples in making it! Damn. The last time I swear.

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Why dont you just calm down? It's just a few pictures. Besides, these aren't going to be Lego sets! Well, they should have put Escher's name in the credits to be fair...

Anyway, these are cool! Are they real or not?

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kool who thinks it terrible get a life