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July 2012

Print advertisment created by Jung von Matt, Germany for Lego, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Deneke von Weltzien
Creative Director: Karsten Ruddigkeit
Art Director: Reza Ramezani
Copywriters: Johannes Milhoffer
Designer: Daniel Zier
CG-Artists / CG-Photography: Matthias Christen, Florian von Behr, Faruk Heplevent, The Scope Digital Studio
Account Director: Marc-Olaf Duncker

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Someone pls do something to the spammer

ivan's picture

Taken care of ;)

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simple ...clever

groovy baby!

Passaporteau's picture
Activity Score 162

And stolen!

I can't believe these creatives aren't fired.

Jogo do Bicho

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Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630

and the Cannes jury shouldn't be invited again.

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Activity Score 93


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Dr. Dockta
Activity Score 35

clever copy!

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Activity Score 1479

Did the original campaign win anything at Cannes? Does anyone know?

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Activity Score 1387

This is the original campaign


JimCompton-Hall's picture
Activity Score 62

I think they won a silver lion in the press category.


bate_palmas's picture
Activity Score 1479

Surprised it didnt get gold...'s picture
Activity Score 29


There are better ways to find a job. This ain't it.

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Activity Score 858

I loved the original campaign, and this is a very appropiate borrowed interest comeback. Bravo.

By the way, I think the original was Silver in Print and Gold in Outdoor.

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Activity Score 162

It should've won platinum in plagiarism.

Absolutely reprehensible.

Jogo do Bicho

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Activity Score 1926

cant get it, cannes jury is so bad informed, they give a lion to a completely stolen idea!!
it was exposed as a copycat in aotw few weeks ago, and at least cannes jury should read aotw...
otherwise i dont really blame the creatives for stealing ideas for the award shows, because these ideas are not paid by client, and it seems the fastest way to gather points... better than staying the whole night in agency

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630

I'm flabbergasted as well.
Shame on the Cannes Lions jury. Pathetic if you ask me...

Passaporteau's picture
Activity Score 162

Shame on our industry for letting stolen, fake work even get PR. We should make more of an effort to call out these cheaters.

Jogo do Bicho

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630

No stars for stolen work.

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I say this has been done before as well.

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Maybe I'm slow, but I don't understand the campaign. Can someone explain it, please?

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C B 2 8
Activity Score 8

Stolen from where? Is everyone referring to the campaign JvM did..
..cause if so, it's the same agency. Blame them for redo'ing the same campaign, but not for theft.

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Same Idea, Diferente execution. (Now do something Great and Original, Give Back the Lion).

The Simpsons Lego Intro (1:24)

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stop please with this campaign

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simple, i like

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Nicolas DENIS
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Xavi, Xabi Alonso, Torres, Iniesta and Casillas !

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Roger Keynes
Activity Score 5498

So it IS the Euro 2012 finals teams. YESSS!!! I'm not stupid! :)

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Activity Score 157

I m bored of this.. Please come up with something new

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spears ava
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Activity Score 2

Terrible how people are talking about something they dont know.
It's not stolen from another campaign. It is a copy from something a random posted in the internet, years ago.

It's nothing the creative can be proud of. But many of you guys have done something, and later realized, omg you have seen it before and didnt realized it, till someone showed you the original?!