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Amazing, kudos, wow....

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bring on the animalrights-people :)

but, nicely done.


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Again... are these sofas made from leather from African animals? Or is 'genuine' leather only limited to that part of the world? Bit weird. Like the art direction but simply can't agree with the idea behind it.

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same ad three times, how come nobody seems to notice these days?

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This ad is a first thought. Lemme print this out so I can put it on the ground and take a dump on it.

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Superb art direction. Bravo


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almost everyone is praising this campaign. But may i ask, why? Common the eyecandy is not that strong.

It's not looking bad at all, however a good ad today is not just made of nice visuals. I don't get the idea completed on these 3. I think i can grab the thought of the creator, but something is wrong with that one.

Honestly, it misses pure relevance. Be it elephants, hippos, armadillo, crocodiles or lions. Sofas or leather are not ripped from them. The leather of these animals will be original, but what else?

Wachting these ads, you might think it's a special promotion for sofas, even when it is a symbol of home living.

Be it my guts, balls or brain, i have the feeling, i've already seen sth similiar more than one time before.

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This campaign tells me that these sofas are weather proof. Thats all.

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That is very sad. I feel for you.

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i think it is a ads of the commonweal

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Wrong play ad.

Nice art direction

Bad Idia because i cant get why use a real background he could use any other thing to convay his message

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I don't know what most of you are so salty about. These ads are stunning! Granted, it's repeated thrice (happens all the time), but the initial Idea is still fire! I wish I'd thought of it.

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why is the initial idea fire? i have not yet seen arguements for the stunning statements ;)

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I don't know if this is so good in selling the product as it is telling me that the animals in the wild were killed to be converted to a couch in your living room.

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Picturejockey is right there. Do not take the sofas out of their natural habitat.

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seems like animals here were skin out and made it into sofa (obiviously it ill be geniune leather). But good art direction!!

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interesting concept, but i feel a little guilty of death animals... just for a sofa?
sell well does not mean sell whatever the price.