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D G I...

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Frane Rectal

F Y S...

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Why are Chinese agencies writing ads with English copy? Isn't the entire point of hiring a Chinese agency to market to the Chinese, who overwhelmingly do not speak English? If they wanted English language ads why not just use the same creative they use in English speaking countries. There's nothing about this imagery that portrays any insight into the Chinese market.

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Almost all ads from a non english speaker country are translated for a better understanding at sites like this one.


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But there isn't any copy in the first place...

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Ok these ads atleast dont have a huge car in d middle of the ad saying Born to ride or sumthing

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mad hatter

Very, very old. You guys either just stepped into advertising to not know this was done. Or just blatantly copying. Either ways it's no excuse.

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THis one I don't get. Was a tree standing in the middle of the road? Or is the point of both ads that it lifted debris off the road when it went by? If that's the case, I take back what I said about the feather ad. Or else it worked totally by accident.

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Add and remove

This one allready won Silver in San Sebastian festival. But better done and from DDB Argentina.

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