Lamp posts

July 2006

The film Superman Returns premiered exclusively at UGC Cinemas Antwerp. Superman had arrived and left his marks everywhere. All over town light poles and traffic signs were knotted. No one could visit Antwerp without noticing.

Client: UGC Antwerp
Advertising Agency: 10 advertising
Planner: Denis Ghys
Creative Team: Heidi Vandamme & Sébastien Van Reet
Project Manager: Greet De Wilde

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MADE in the USA's picture
MADE in the USA
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This is a good ambient with good P shop. I would like to see it more form fitting rather than surrounded by white poster. Nice job.

whitespace's picture
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would be so much cooler if it was done in real life... making 'em twisted lampposts...

but it wouldn't be economical. :)

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Can you people please sign up? Everyone who leaves negative posts is almost always a guest. I agree with the relevance of why superman would do this, but it is more the fact that he can.

I don't know how many Lions or pencils you have sitting on your desks, but I have none – which is why I follow sites like Ivan's. TO LEARN.

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A lot of over thinking being posted here. Whitespace nailed it. Didn't have to be a poster. Could've gone one extra step. For example, find things around the city that have already been damaged and imply it was a result of superhuman strength. Or find shit that could be interpretted as a result of villans. First thoughts... pls don't shoot me down... I'm not made of steel (I'm in advertising)
Shame it's been done.

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hey i guess d bent lamp-post would b d coolest thing in any city ..;~
...superman has done a great job...