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October 2009

Print advertisment created by La Casa, Colombia for La Casa, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

More literature, less Youtube.

Advertising Agency: La Casa, Bogotá, Colombia

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If I was a copywriter in Columbia, I would have been offended. I am sure anywhere in the world is the same; you can't be a writer without being a reader.
ADs are a bit different, 99% of their world is visual, but they read too... at least the OneShow.
But these ads target all the creatives. If such campaign is really needed in Columbia, then it's a pity.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working.” Picasso.

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I've now read all of these. Why are they in English? More to the point, if you're going to translate them into English, why such bad English? Why such fundamental typographical / spelling errors? What... it was too much trouble to email them to an English speaker to check?

Secondly, I'm inclined to agree with the poster above. Is this really such a problem? Many of the copywriters I know rather pride themselves on having a diverse set of cultural references to call upon. Youtube's as valid a tool as your English degree, or your love of Greek mythology, or your fondness for 18th century French poetry, or your hobbty rebuilding cars, or whatever.

Would love the creator of these to explain the thinking. Perhaps we're missing something...

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Marlus Lau
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Man, two or three were more than necessary for us to understand.

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Why this tirade against YouTube? It is just one of the tools one would use. Unless the spellings are 'deliberately' incorrect and for a purpose - you have shot yourselves. One would expect at least YouTube to be spelled right!

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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I guess there are no English books in the library

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With such an add, you shouldn't make typo's like campaing

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Who create this copies? A count executive? In my country, they hates creatives.

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I don't know how you dare to call yourself Advertising Agency....

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While promoting literacy is generally a good idea, I have to say that using genuinely atrocious English while doing so is either brilliantly ironic, or intellectually dishonest. I'm banking on the latter.

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lara nyc
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Colombians, there are plenty of unemployed good writers in the us, please hire one.

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mmmmm, no actually there are plenty of unemployed writers in Colombia....and good ones!

I totally agree with the first two comments and i don't understand why most ads translated to english have flaws on every written aspect.

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In short, La Casa is shitt!