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terrible bad

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Easy + lazy.


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poor idea - poor execution....wake up!!!!!!

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like the lightening effect on mens face.

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— Rumi

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i find you guys are a bit rude with this ad. Of course it is not innovative at all, but still it is a nice visual, easy to undestand, and pleasant to look at. Reminds me DeLatour paintings.
We have seen so much awful and terrible posters before this one so come on..

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The pile of spices looks a bit shite, but the photography and the lighting is quite nice. Also, its a damn simple concept which you get at a first glance, so the ad is working. Not exactly creative, but at least working.

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

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@mrinal: red chillies do not lead to loose motion.
anyway, its perhaps only a scam ad.

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