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Not that cool.

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It's kinda cute. Maybe I've been affected too much by the dancing in the fields. Oh well.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Very formulaic in thinking. By that I mean the juxtaposition of two disparate visual ideas that is
all too prevalent in event/sponsorship ads.

However, it says what it wants to say so clearly and I don't think I've seen this particular execution before. And for that reason, I quite like this piece of work. I also like their simple logo design. "Register" your company. Nice touch.

Personal tastes aside, there's nothing "weak" about this ad.

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It says nothing, there is no relevance to the idea. Why?

Is just saying "register". And the yuxtaposition is just a way to mix "move" and "suit", nothing more to it.

And dont judge me wrong, i dont think this is a bad ad, its just not up to it. And i have nothing against the execution, but the message slips trough with no repercution whatsoever. Nothing happens.

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very nice! laces that become a tie. cool!