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Love the art direction.

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guiding light
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good work. keep it up friends. i like the combination of simplicity and clarity.

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Sad reality of others daily life. Powerful ad.

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You have the rights to say disgusting but the real side of the world is always ugly.

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thanx for the insight. so, since u know how it is to live on the real side of the world
would u like seeing yourself like this?cmon!

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well done Mathieu Degryse, love the artdirection
Yves-Eric Deboey, nice copy

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why is was there an ad within an ad?

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Good question. That makes it kind of bill-board idea ...

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It's a miss. The silly kiss the kid at the end to sooth him after losing his leg is simply ridiculous. Pain is abuse, pain is depression. All serious issues. Living in a world where playing in a field means you loose a leg, well, that's beyond living with pain. And certainly, a kiss wouldn't make it better. This isn't even metaphor, it's simple off the mark.

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yes, it might be a silly kiss in our world (with our misguided perception) but if your life starts completely bullshit full of pain, violence and despair, then and exactly then love and kisses will do some magic. It sounds stupid, but whatif nobody loves you? -> no hope

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It's not a miss. If you look at the reality of kids living in places where they risk losing limbs to land mines with little or no medical aid, then the kiss even though metaphorical, only signifies the minimal level of care that anyone can give due to lack of proper medical care. It's a pretty helpless situation. And a pretty good ad.

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First of all, the “silly kiss “ is not meant to be a metaphor and its not meant to alleviate the child’s pain. It’s showing how this is (more often than not) the best care these kids can hope for. Pretty sad when you think about it.

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the hair product of choice in this ad is "soul-glo". Sexual chocolate ladies and gentlemen!

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both of them r amazing. reality based. that's how life is for some. similar things happen around us,
but we wudn't notice. hopw they do get loads of response.

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honestly speakin is this an ad for some social service organization ( my knowledge is short on that ) n if so may b d copywriter want 2 say that in sum country ppl try to find optimum happyness with limited means if so than don't u think showin a boy's leg cut out vn playin in feild is too forced i mean get real idea is gud show sumthin else a minor cut or burnt....
if a whole leg eill cut out surely any mom in d world will go to doc or search doc or first aid????

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Really nice. Reminds me of the old indian posters...but nice.

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Utterly deppppressing...and i'm failing to establish the link between the magic kiss and
"living with pain"...eye catching art-direction though.

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guiding light
Activity Score 38

good work. keep it up friends. i like the combination of simplicity and clarity.

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Global Cheese
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Man, they're scamin their arses off in France these days.
Nice Art Direction. Don't like idea.