Daan is home again

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April 2012

Print advertisment created by Publicis, Netherlands for KIKA, within the category: House, Garden.

Dean is home again.
Thanks a lot, contributors.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Amstelveen, Netherlands
Creative Directors: Marcel Hartog, Jeroen van Zwam
Art Director: Paul Wagemaker
Copywriter: Arnout Robbe
Photographer: Marius Roos
Artbuyer: Ron Townsend

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Bill Me Now
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maybe I'm seeing this the wrong way. I saw this at first to be the child's home, and the parents are speaking, almost regretfully that their kid is back (not good). Or perhaps this image is the waiting room, and the doctor is speaking (in which case good). If it's the latter, the visual could use some additional elements to push that it's not a residential home (magazines, parts of other people cropped slightly into the frame, etc...).

ivan's picture

Yes, first interpretation. It's black or ironic humor. Sort of saying who cares about the walls, when the life is saved.

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There's no black or ironic humor with cancer. The copy is an epic fail.

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There certainly is. Much better than feeling sorry and pity and bursting in tears 24/7/12. And I know what I'm talking about. 10 points from me.

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Kwaku The Cowboy
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This reminds me of me. Really real!

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Furniture was probably picked by some Art Director with no kids. A toddler would fall into that chair and poke out one of his eyes. And the height of that media stand is a menace; its corner would poke out the kid's other eye. In particular, that chair would either be in the basement or sold by now.

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I also get the feeling of irony, like they didn't want the kid to come back. Am I getting this right?

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The wording is wrong. the coma after the "thanks a lot," makes it seems facetious when it should be: thanks to the contributors - my kid is home (alive) again.

Overall, the campaign is flat. It doesn't scratch the surface of the joy in finding your child healthy again. Including the messy sticky hand prints all over...


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Alexandra Gregor
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I am actually asking myself if this really about that kid being "home" again.
On none of these ads you actually SEE a kid, just the traces of a kid that had been there. So, mybe, the word home could be understood like back in heaven where the child first came from. To me these ads seem bitter and despite the traces the kids left behind very cold, steril and sad.
Also "thanks a lot, contributors" sounds ironical and somewhat sarcastic. More like the contrary of a real thank you.

I think it says that there's too few contributors and if there'd been more, the child would be still alive. It's a call out to anyone that they should contribute blood and bone marrow way more often.

So I gave lots of stars - if I'm right I think it's pretty well done. If I'm wrong - not so good.

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I think this is one of those ideas which on first thought kind of seems good, but I don't think it's communicating well enough.

I think there are a few small things you could do to help it but they wouldn't really make it great.

I'd be thinking of going on a different tack. Maybe a different idea entirely, or maybe still with an idea related to this.

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So, to sum it all up, it's not communicating well. Yes, I agree.

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I thought I see this ad before???

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I will teach you all:
When our children get better from a cancer, we love everything they bring back to our homes, including the mess. Great adv, congratulations.

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"Thanks a lot, contributors". The parents really mean that, it's not ironic.
The only ironic thing it's beacuse it isn't ironic, do you get it?

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'Hamberwick' I agree with you that it's not ironic and the parents really do mean thanks alot contributors. The problem is how the copy is worded. If it read 'Thanks to the contributors' it would read with more sincerity