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Woah ! this is some bad retouching. It looks like a mock up.

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Activity Score 133

Besides the completly bad art direction, why should someone buy a touran to kidnap an elephant?
Have I mentioned the bad art direction?

Oh, the art direction is a desaster!

PS. the art direction is probably the worst I've ever seen!

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bad art direction.

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Very sharp idea, weak execution.

"Everyday is one short life"

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I'm not sure I get the idea. Could someone explain it to me?
Because it's hard to believe VW bought such idea!!!

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If you need to carry big cargo, like an elephant Tuareg is for you.

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Is Touran. Spacious.

William Bernbach - An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

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me thinks
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That's the point.

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this is reeeeeaaaaally bad, terrible art direction, look at the tape on the back... and if you take a look closer you can see the elephant's eye coming out of the blind folder.
I agree with tipptapp this is for sure the worst art direction I've ever seen!

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I just can't see how this would sell a car.
there's funny and kitchy and clever, but the idea of kidnapping an elephant is none of those...
Showing that there is alot of room in these cars is a great idea. Too bad they chose this execution.
I wonder if we should cut the agency some slack, could be the client pushed this one through. Maybe they are secretly poachers?

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Activity Score 1454

Woah ! this is some bad retouching. It looks like a mock up.

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Esperemos que las ballenas y otras especies enormes no se vean perjudicadas emocionalmente.

"Aquí también se opina en español".

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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I can't see myself needing to kidnap an elephant! Shocking ad.

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the eye is not covered.

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Activity Score 3853

I don't know if you guys noticed that the Ivory was removed from the elphant, which makes it even more horrible!!! But why???

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Hold on joelapompe, it could be a female asian elephant, they don't have tusks.
BUT if it isn't then this ad is creepier than I thought.

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i guess now it's like put whatever shit u can out there...why wud somebody buy a volkswagen to kidnap frigin jumbo...

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The idea is a step too far. And the art direction and retouching...let's just say i'll remember who to avoid using in Sweden.

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More like Volkswagen Poacher.

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Really bad conception. I'm not sure that VolksWagen wants to be associated to the contreband of animals protected !!!

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pls tell me this is just a student's work

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this is a winner. worst ad of the day.

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I was going to comment...but I feel pity...poor guys...

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elephant do not suit it here.. doo rough like for car... n da background? hmm... totally a no no

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Isnt that a new vehi???
what happened to the interiors?
why is it all rusted?
and a bulb hanging....
come on guys...
u can do better...

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you've gone too far